5 Distractions to Stop You Drinking

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5 Distractions to Stop You Drinking
Are you concerned that you may be drinking too much? These five distractions can help you avoid alcoholism by staving off the desire to drink.
We all like a good drink. When the weekend rolls around and Friday or Saturday night comes, most of the population of the UK will indulge in alcohol. The Office of National Statistics estimates that about 57% of us drink every weekend. While this might just be a habit of some, it can be tricky to stop yourself drinking on a Sunday, a Monday, a Tuesday, and every other day of the week. In fact, the longer you go one drinking every weekend, the more tempted you become to drink on other days as well. This is because drinking on weekends usually means we are binge drinking. The NHS recommend 14 units of alcohol per week, and if you drink 7 of them on a Friday and 10 on a Saturday, you are still exceeding that limit. Even if you only drink 14 units, but drink them all on a Saturday night, this is still alcohol abuse. Keep it up and you will soon find yourself developing a serious addiction that could ruin your life. Let’s review some good ways to distract yourself from drinking on a Sunday night, or even on a Saturday night. We want you to keep that drinking in check before you develop an addiction. Please keep in mind that you can call us if you are worried that you drink too much already. We can help you find the right rehab clinic near you, which will treat your developing addiction before it really gets a chance to take hold. Sometimes prevention is better than cure. Call 0203 955 7700 for more.

The 5 Distractions to Stop Yourself Drinking

Let’s jump straight in with the 5 best ways to distract yourself of an evening, so that you don’t drink. Here are some suggestions of what you could do instead.

1 – Remember your Hobbies

It’s all very well to tell someone to go get a new hobby to distract themselves from drinking. However, finding a new hobby isn’t easy. It’s a hard task that is made harder the older you are. The more disconnected you feel from the interests you had as a young adult, the worse it is trying to reconnect with those things. Think back to when you were in high school, when you were just figuring out your own personality. What sort of hobbies, sports, and artistic interests did you enjoy back then? 

2 – Join a Weekly Group

If you always drink on a Friday night, why not consider joining a Friday night group. You could take up a five-a-side game, you could organise a D and D session, you could make a Friday night the night you meet your friends and you all play laser tag – the options are endless. Even a weekly routine without the class could help. For example, you might go long bike rides on a Friday night or indulge in some good food by making it the night you eat out. 

3 – Make it Family Night

This only works if you don’t live alone. However, you could make a Sunday or a Thursday night for your family entertaining, a night to keep yourself away from alcohol. Play some board games with the kids or try to beat each other in a video game. You could go to the movies or take them to the trampoline park. Even if you have no money, you could go for a walk and have a campfire in the yard. 

4 – Join the Gym

Exercise is a great way to get rid of those cravings. It works two-fold. It keeps you occupied so that you are not thinking about drinking. In addition, it releases plenty of endorphins in your brain, keeping you happy and giving you a sense of accomplishment. When combined, these two feelings are far more rewarding than being drunk. As an added bonus, your figure improves. Everyone loves muscles.

5 – Think About A Side Gig

If the temptation to drink after work bothers your multiple times per week, then think about increasing the amount of time you spend at work. Choose a side gig that interests you. Make it part hobby, part income stream. Set yourself up as a photographer, as an artist, singer, or a writer. Make money fixing cars, computers, or cooking wedding cakes. There are lots of side hustle out there that can earn you more money while simultaneously keeping your alcohol free. Just remember to look after that work/life balance.

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