5 Things to Know About Alcohol Detox UK

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5 Things to Know About Alcohol Detox UK
Thinking of quitting drinking once and for all? Here are 5 things you ought to know about quitting drinking safely and effectively.
Quitting drinking alcohol isn’t always as easy as simply stopping drinking. Sometimes, you don’t have the strength to do it on your own. Worse than that is that sometimes quitting drinking all at once on your own is dangerous. If you are a truly heavy drinker, you might suffer cardiac arrest, Delirium Tremens, or other fatal symptoms. To be safe when you detox from alcohol, you ought to do it under medically managed conditions and you should never be alone. You can detox at home if you do it safely. More on that in a moment. Here are the five things you ought to know before you quit drinking. Remember that things will look slightly different if you have a drug addiction you want to detox from. You can read more about successfully stopping taking drugs in the UK on our pages.

The 5 Things To Know About Alcohol Detox

Don’t quit drinking if you haven’t read this first. Remember, if you do want to quit, you can always contact Help4Addiction to find the right rehab clinic for you. Selecting the right rehab, the first time around gives you a higher chance of successfully quitting. Call 0203 955 7700 today for more. Otherwise, here are five things you should know about quitting drinking.

1 – You Can Detox from Alcohol At-Home

For some people, stopping drinking is too difficult because they cannot spare the time to go to a detox clinic or centre. It may be that you are the sole carer for your children, that you have other commitments, or that you cannot take a full month off work to complete the course of rehab. Realistically, though, you can detox from alcohol in a clinic and be back at home attending day hab sessions at a rehab clinic in just a few days. To detox at home, you will need a detox kit. These give you access to online therapies plus the medicines you need to make detox at home safer. You can buy a detox kit for alcohol detox at home from our site.

2 – You Will Experience Alcohol Detox Symptoms

It doesn’t matter if you only drank for a few weeks, or if you were not a seriously heavy drinker. When you quit drinking alcohol, you will experience the alcohol withdrawal symptoms. These are universally similar. They feature things like aches and shakes, sweats, pains, headaches, insomnia, and other health issues. The greater the volume of alcohol you drank, the higher the frequency and the harder it will be to quit. The heavier a drinker you were, the longer the alcohol withdrawal symptoms will go on. You can follow this link to find out more about alcohol withdrawal symptoms in the UK.

3 – It Takes Time

Many people contact us wondering how long it takes to quit drinking alcohol. Unfortunately, the answer varies based on how long you have been drinking. Other factors affect it too, including how much you drank and how often. Your metabolism may process alcohol faster than the next person, and so on. Quitting drinking takes time but that doesn’t mean it isn’t worthwhile. Once you quit, go through rehab, and finish the transition back home, you will be free from alcohol forever. That feeling will be worth all the hard work when the day comes.

4 – It Doesn’t Always Work The First Time

The sad thing about deciding to quit any addiction is that it doesn’t always work the first time around. You might find that you need to repeat the detox and rehab process a few times before it sticks. There is no shame in having setbacks. Some of us quit drinking or using and have setbacks years down the line. The point is to get back up and get on with it all over again. Learning how to stop drinking in the UK helps you, but only stubbornness can make it stick. Our advice is to be stubborn. You will make it with persistence.

5 – Alcohol Changes Your Body

The last thing to be aware of when you decide to quit drinking is that your body will go through changes. Your taste buds will return, your digestive system will settle down, and your nervous system will stop fighting to process the alcohol all the time. You will notice fewer headaches, less insomnia, better bodily functioning – and even a heartier appetite. Quit drinking today and find yourself again. It starts with a detox and after that, the world is your oyster.

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