Addiction Services in England and Wales: What Help is out there?

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Addiction Services in England and Wales: What Help is out there?

If you are struggling with an addiction and you live in England or Wales, help is available.

Addiction services come in all different shapes and sizes. Depending on where in the UK you live, you could have access to medical help in combating your addiction. If you live in England or Wales, you come under NHS England and Wales territory. This means you have access to NHS services to help you recover from addiction. There is also a range of private options for addiction to recovery within the UK.

Let's take a more in-depth look at the NHS and private rehab care options available to you. Remember, if you live in Scotland or Northern Ireland you will have a different NHS system.

What are addiction services?

For this article, we will define addiction services as any help that is issued to those suffering from addiction, to aid in their recovery. This can include medications, visits to doctors, counselling sessions, group work and other types of addiction recovery services. Primarily, it will cover rehab and what options are available to you.

Can I get help for addiction through the NHS?

In England or Wales, you can get help to treat your addiction through the NHS. The National Health Service offers a range of services that can help you to combat substance abuse. Help from the NHS for drug addiction starts with a visit to your local doctor. They will prescribe you medications to help you through the detox process. They will chat with you about a strategy to overcome your addiction and get you into recovery. They might even refer you to local charities that support addicts through recovery. They will attempt outpatient treatment before they admit you for inpatient care.

Pros of getting help through the NHS include:

  • Subsidised prices
  • Access to GPs and NHS therapists
  • Prominent level of care
  • Eventual admission into a private rehab clinic

Cons of getting help through the NHS include:

  • Lengthy waiting lists
  • Room sharing
  • Limited access to extra-curricular treatments


Choosing private rehab clinics for a drug or alcohol addiction

If you can pay for the cost of your rehab stay, then a private clinic may be the best option for you. Private rehab clinics cost anything upwards of £5000 per week. There are multiple options for the length of stay. Commonly, clients opt for either:

A 7-day stay with detox

A 14-day stay with detox

Or a 28-day stay with detox

Private addiction services in the UK are wide and varied. You can attend through the day, part-time, and come home at night. You can live in a hostel or hotel and travel to the rehab clinic with a quasi-residential care plan. You can opt for full-time residential rehab in a centre that you move into for the duration of your stay. You might go through detox in one location, then move to private rehab. There is an option for everyone.

If you attend NHS services long enough, they will eventually select you for a place in a private rehab clinic. You will have full access to everything the other patients get. Services might include group therapy sessions a few times a week, one-on-one counselling for alcohol or drug addiction once a week, and access to holistic therapies like reiki healing or acupuncture. Exercise classes such as yoga or Pilates are often available, and you may wish to attend 12 steps or similar programs run by the centre.

Pros of getting help through private rehab:

  • You choose what facilities and amenities you want
  • You choose the length of your stay
  • You get your room
  • Full access to everything offered
  • Aftercare

Cons of getting help through private rehab:

  • The best centres sometimes have waiting lists
  • You must pay for it

What about Luxury Rehab options?

Luxury rehab combines the facilities you’d expect to find at a high-end hotel with the access to services that private rehab gives you. There will be a wider range of holistic pursuits to choose from. The rooms will be spacious, and you will have better entertainment facilities. However, the level of treatment and care provided by any doctor will be the same, from NHS right through to luxury rehab. Luxury rehab usually requires private health insurance.

How to Choose Between Rehab Services in England and Wales?

Just give us a call! Help4Addiction has an extensive network of partners in rehab clinics throughout the country. We are happy to direct you towards a clinic that has everything you are wishing for. From high-end luxury to NHS choices, call 0203 955 7700 or use our free call-back service.

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