Alcohol Detox

There are different stages to recovering from an alcohol addiction. The first step is recognising you have a problem. The second is seeking help to do something about it. If you or a loved one think you have an alcohol addiction problem then the next step is getting help. Alcohol detox is available for people at different stages of alcohol addiction.


Whether you have recently recognised the problem or have been battling with alcohol addiction for years, we are here to help. Alcohol treatment is offered at our centres to treat alcohol addiction with the aim to ensure you are supported to tackle the addiction, withdrawal symptoms and what caused the alcohol addiction in the first place.

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The Alcohol Detox Process

Alcohol detoxification is the alcohol treatment process we help our clients with. Our main aim is to help ensure any discomfort or side – effects are dealt with to ensure you are able to combat your alcohol addiction quickly and succeed in staying clean.


In helping to reduce the number and severity of side – effects we are ensuring the possibility of relapse is reduced significantly. We monitor and assess you quickly to help identify the best course of treatment for you. This way we can personalise the help we give you.


Side Effects of Alcohol Detox

Some of the side effects can be (amongst others); DTs, cravings and feelings of anxiety. We offer medication to help you combat your alcohol addiction. In addition to this, specialist practitioners over see your care to ensure you are getting the help you need to overcome your alcohol addiction and succeed in alcohol detoxification. Our aim is to help you combat and beat alcohol addiction as well as addressing the problems of ongoing support to reduce the likelyhood of relapse.

Alcohol addiction can be a difficult process for you or your loved one to overcome but we endeavour to foresee and overcome the problems associated with alcohol detox. This way you can be safe in the knowledge we are doing everything we can to support you.

Alcohol rehab is offered in a range of formats and is tailored to suit you and your needs.

If you feel yourself or a loved one requires treatment for alcohol addiction then contact us on 0330 088 9518 for help combating it.

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