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Help4Addiction provides drug and alcohol treatment across the UK. We work with people suffering from alcohol addiction, to help them get a better life and being the recovery process.

Some people, instead of going to alcohol rehab, want a less structured addiction treatment that allows them to be at home with their loved ones.

Home detox is an excellent method for relapse prevention and allows you to complete the process safely without being surrounded by strangers and medical professionals.

At Help4Addiction, we complete a medical assessment to ensure you’re eligible and then send you out a home detox kit. You can begin treatment whenever you like, just make sure you set aside 3-10 days to fully detox.

Is A Home Detox The Same As Drug And Alcohol Rehab?

Home detox differs from entering rehab centres. It’s addiction treatment that takes place at home, meaning you’re sent a full detox kit to your home address and complete the detox there.

For some people, entering a treatment centre is the better option but there are plenty of people who prefer to undergo treatment at home without having to enter a rehab centre.

It’s easy to understand why. At home you still have access to all your home comforts, can receive support from family and friends, and continue to follow your daily life as much as possible.

Drug and alcohol rehab doesn’t always have to involve going into residential rehab in Leeds, it’s a viable option to complete your alcohol detox at home.

For a full list of addiction treatment options, you can read our range here.

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Is It An Effective Addiction Treatment?

Choosing to do an alcohol home detox instead of entering a drug and alcohol rehab in Leeds is an effective form of addiction treatment. However, it depends on your own situation and alcohol addiction.

If you suffer from severe alcohol addiction or have a dual diagnosis of drug and alcohol addiction, then a home detox may not be the most suitable option for you. It’s also not suitable for people with other health problems like epilepsy, seizures, or mental health concerns.

For some people, a more structured environment like private rehab clinics, with access to support groups, cognitive behavioural therapy, and other holistic therapies can be more appropriate.

But, people who can set aside a maximum of 10 days to detox, and would rather do it in a comfortable environment can find that doing a home detox is the best choice.

Withdrawal Symptoms

When you decide to stop drinking, whether it’s at rehab clinics, or at home, you’ll likely go through withdrawal symptoms while your body detoxes from alcohol.

As you enter any treatment programme and undergo a detox then you have to cope with the alcohol withdrawal symptoms so it’s important to do a medical detox with the support of medical professionals.

At Help4addiction, you’ll have a medical assessment first, and get sent a prescription to help you cope with the withdrawal symptoms.

These can include mental health issues, and mood problems like feeling irritable, insomnia, low mood, and struggling to concentrate. There are also physical withdrawal symptoms like fever, chills, shivers, and shaking.

When you have either a drug or alcohol addiction, your body gets used to the additional toxins in your body.

The withdrawal symptoms are your body reacting to the lack of drugs and alcohol in your system. But once you get through it, you’ll be on your way to taking your life back and breaking free of addiction.

Cost And Eligibility Of Home Detox Rehab In Leeds

A home detox kit costs £1850, and you can purchase it from our website to begin your treatment plan. It might seem expensive, but it’s more cost-effective than going to private rehab clinics.

However, before buying the kit you should first check that a home detox is the most suitable option for you. You may need inpatient care depending on the severity of your addiction, and any other health conditions you have.

You can complete one of our short questionnaires to find out if you’re eligible.

Is Home Detox Like An Inpatient Rehab Centre?

Home detox isn’t the same as going into rehab clinics. You stay local, and around your own home comforts. You can get support from family members, instead of being constantly surrounded by medical professionals.

With a home detox, you can continue being part of Alcoholics Anonymous, and access additional group therapy or support groups, but it doesn’t come as part of the alcohol detox process.

Counselling can also be an effective addiction treatment to supplement your detox, you can find more about alcohol addiction counselling here.

Help4Addiction Provides Drug And Alcohol Rehab In Leeds

You can call us today to discuss any drug and alcohol rehab in Leeds. If you think you have an alcohol addiction, you can contact us. We offer a free consultation with our trained staff members to help discuss what treatment options are available to you.

You can opt for medical detox at home, or decide to enter residential rehab or be treated as an outpatient. Everyone’s recovery process is tailored to their needs, and what is most suitable for them.

Also, you don’t have to undergo the recovery process alone. You can get your family members to support you through the detox, or a person like a close friend. Whatever is going to help you the most.

At Help4Addiction, we focus our rehab programmes on long-term recovery and relapse prevention, we’ll provide you with all the support you need to end your alcohol addiction.

Contact us now to discuss how we can support you with alcohol rehab in Leeds.

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