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Useful Guides for Addiction Treatment

Find out about alcohol addiction, where and how to get help if you are an alcoholic, and learn the signs and symptoms of alcoholism, right here in our pages.

Alcoholism comes with signs and symptoms, learning what they are and how to spot them, on our alcohol withdrawal symptoms page.

How do you stage an intervention? Get them the help they need, first time, by arming yourself with the correct information from the outset. Staging an Intervention just might be the best thing you ever do for your loved one.

Knowing the signs of a brewing drug addiction can help you – and your loved ones – avoid it. Beat it or treat it with our specialist knowledge of drug addiction.

Scared of going through drug detox? Learn what to expect, how long detox takes, and how to make the most of your time in rehab so you don’t relapse in future.

Recognising the symptoms of drug withdrawal could save a loved one’s life. Learn how to spot the signs of drug use and do something about it, with our drug withdrawal section.

Cocaine is one of the most addictive drugs out there. Cocaine addiction can cost more than just your bank balance. Read about how to combat cocaine addiction, rehab for cocaine addiction, and more.

Rehab for a prescription drug addiction is possible, available, and waiting for your call. Help a loved one or find detox for your own prescription drug addiction, with Help4Addiction.

Some addictions are substance abuse related and some addictions are behavioural. No matter what an addiction, you have, or what rehab and detox help you need, we can give you further advice.

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We are a team founded by ex-addicts who know what it’s like to need rehab for an addiction.

How we help?

Our team collaborates with expert consultants to find the best addiction treatment for you. It may be that you have cocaine addiction and want to detox from drugs, or it may be that you need referred to a 12 steps program. 

Whatever your addiction support needs are, we can guide you through the detox or rehab process. It could be that you are best suited to at home detox for alcohol, that quasi-residential rehab is a better option for you, or that you need online therapy sessions to help treat your addiction.

Help 4 addiction is made up of specialist advisors whom of which are all in recovery and want to help.

We have been there and will do everything in our power to ensure we offer you the advice and support needed in this time of crisis for you and your family.

Please ensure that you are rigorously honest when you contact us which will enable us to match you to the treatment options to best suit your requirements for the best path to recovery.

Frequently Asked Questions FAQs

Frequently asked questions about rehab for drug, alcohol, and other addictions.

Q) What types of rehab are there?

A) You might benefit from a full time, private residential rehab clinic. You might be able to detox and rehab help online if your addiction is mild, and you could even be in rehab as an outpatient, getting help out of office hours via therapies and workshops.

Q) How long will I be in rehab for?

A) You choose. Try a 7 day programme, stay for a fortnight, or take a 28 day term in full time rehab. You might be in rehab for up to three months if you are an outpatient.

Q) Can I get addiction help for someone else?

A) You can learn about staging an intervention, how to stop enabling a drug addicted child, and how to get help for your husband, wife, loved one, daughter, son, or friend, all through Help4Addiction.

Q) How can you help me with an addiction?

A) Help4Addiction are specialists in rehab selection, able to find the London, Birmingham, and greater England and Wales rehab clinic that is best suited to your recovery needs. 

Q) What types of addiction can I get rehab for?

A) We can help you find a rehab clinic for addictions including crack, cannabis, heroin, prescription drugs, amphetamine, crystal meth, GHB, ketamine, mephedrone, steroids, narcotics, opioids, and even help those with a dual diagnosis.

Q) Will rehab help my mental health?

A) Rehab will help treat addiction related anxiety, get to the bottom of your use/behavioural addiction problems through therapy, and provide you with better resilience for relapse prevention in future.

About Rehab

Rehab, short for rehabilitation, is the process of recovering from an addiction. It usually follows the detox process as the second stage of recovery. Learn about drug or alcohol rehab, here.

Inpatient rehab treatment (where you live on-site) takes anything from 1 week to 3 months. Part time rehab (outpatient treatment) will take three months or more.

The 12-step program was originally pioneered by Alcoholics Anonymous but is widely used as a foundation for recovery programs. Find out more about the 12 steps in our pages.

Getting rehab for your alcohol addiction, going through detox, or finding advice on the signs and symptoms of alcoholism in a loved one, has never been easier. See our alcohol rehab section for more…

Rehab contains safe spaces where you can talk to your therapist or counsellor and group about your addiction. You may be able to detox in the rehab clinic, and you will learn how to self-manage cravings in future. Find out more about what to expect during rehab in our pages.

Answer your drug withdrawal symptoms and rehab cost questions, learn about drug addiction, detox, and rehab, and perhaps even help a loved one overcome drug abuse.

Inpatient rehab and detox treatment for addiction involves attending a clinic and staying there for one or more nights. We can guide you towards the right inpatient rehab centre for you, or compare inpatient and outpatient treatment to help you decide.

Both secondary rehab treatment and part time rehab operate as outpatient rehab services. You can also compare inpatient and outpatient services here, so our rehab selection service can help you determine what is best for you.

A full-time residential rehab clinic in the UK will start from £1,000 per week and increase from there. For advice on how to manage the costs of rehab, see this section of our rehab selection service site.

Private rehab clinics have all the facilities needed for your recovery in one place. They cater to drug and alcohol addictions, behavioural addictions, and more. The cost is greater, but the wait time is a fraction of the NHS.

Choosing a rehab clinic that focuses on luxury will leave you with the finest of services. Luxury rehab tends to be private, but what happens within it will remain the same. You will get help for your addiction.

If your addiction is very mild, at-home rehab is possible. Online therapy is available to help you manage the anxiety, and alcohol detox at home kits are available through our pages.

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