Home Detox: Is It Right for You?

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Home Detox: Is It Right for You?
Thinking of going through detox at home? Here are a few things you ought to consider before you commit.
For some, detox is a terrifying process. Going through the process in your own home could be the answer, but is home detox right for you? It isn’t possible for everyone and it might not suit your addiction, recovery time, or needs. Here’s all you need to know about home detox and if it is right for you or not. 

Detox Has Been Always the Right Thing To Do

Firstly, let’s start by pointing out that detox is always the right thing to do. Whether you want to detox inside a rehab clinic, in a hospital or surgery, or in your own home. If the thought of staying away from home scares you, then you might consider home detox. However, no matter where you do it, detoxing from a drug or alcohol addiction is always the best course of action for your health. What we want to ensure next is that you do it safely.  Not everyone is suitable for home detox. Home detox is for those with mild alcohol or drug addiction. If you have been a heavy drinker or drug user for many years, detoxing in a clinic or hospital is the best course of action. Let’s talk a little more about eligibility for detoxing at home.

Can Everyone Detox At Home?

Not everyone is eligible for a home detox kit from Help4Addiction. We can connect those who are eligible with the appropriate services, but we can’t connect those who don’t fall into the criteria. To be eligible for a home detox kit you must:
  • Have a very mild alcohol addiction, at home detox kits are not for those addicted to drugs.
  • Have someone with you for the first 72 hours.
  • Undergo and pass a medical assessment, this takes place over a video link.
If you do not meet the eligibility criteria, you cannot quit drinking at home without medical supervision. You should consider rehab instead. You can use the Help4Addiction service to search for compatible rehab clinics near you, where you can recover from your drug or heavy alcohol addiction in comfort. Call 0203 955 7700 today to find out more. 

How Long Does Alcohol Home Detox Take?

You can choose how long you think you will need to detox for when you use us alcohol detox packages at home. You can choose a 72-hour package, a 5-day package, or a 7-day package. The length of time you spend recovering from your addiction depends on how long you drank for and how severe your mild alcohol addiction has become.

How do you get an Alcohol Detox Kit?

To find out if you are eligible for one of our tailored alcohol detox kits, you will have to contact us. We will discuss the strategy in detail with you before we send out a kit. We then need a signature and your consent so we can send the kit to you. This may take a few days, but when you go through detox with the NHS you will wait far longer for a place to become available. Once you have consented, we will send your detox kit out to your home. It will contain further instructions on how to take part in your medical assessment. The assessment will take place online via video chat. Once you have passed the assessment, the doctor prescribes helpful medications that will assist in your detox. You can then schedule assistance from a loved one and begin your detox at home, at a time that suits you.

What Might Stop Me Being Eligible for Alcohol Detox?

If you have more than one condition, for example, a mental illness as well as an addiction, it is best to detox in a medical facility. If you have underlying health issues, or if you have a prolonged addiction, then you may not be eligible. If you are ineligible during your medical assessment, you may not receive a full refund. Do be sure to check eligibility when you call us, before you give consent.

Where Can I Get a Home Detox Kit for Alcohol?

If you are a mild drinker and you want to solve your alcoholism problem before it develops, contact Help4Addiction today. We can provide you with ample information on what your options are. Even if you have co-occurring conditions, or if you don’t qualify for at-home detox, we can even help you find a space in a residential rehab clinic near you.

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