Understanding How to Withdraw from Cocaine

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Understanding How to Withdraw from Cocaine
When you decide that enough is enough, you will stop using drugs or alcohol and choose a new path in life. Before you can choose a new path away from cocaine addiction, you need to know what withdrawal will do to you.
Withdrawing from any drug is a difficult thing to do. The process is long and difficult, and you don’t always see it through to the end. In fact, it takes most people several attempts to kick an addiction. Cocaine, with its short lived high and heavy price tag, is an addictive drug that can ruin your life. Here is what you need to know about withdrawal from cocaine before you go ahead and quit. Forewarned is forearmed after all.

Why to Stop Using Cocaine?

Deciding to quit is the first step in an ongoing process. You will go through many such steps before you are fully recovered. However, without taking the first steps and getting the help you need, cocaine could eventually kill you. This is a dangerous drug which has lethal contraindications when used alongside alcohol. Cocaine affects the pleasure centres of the brain. It is also the kind of drug that you become addicted to since you need to keep taking more and more of it as your body builds resistance. Any drug like this runs the risk of addiction, and eventual overdose. When you overdose on cocaine you might die. This is why it is so important to stop using cocaine while you still can.

Who is Cocaine Dangerous For?

Anyone should be wary of taking unregulated drugs sold by street dealers. Everyone should be wary of taking cocaine, since these two go hand in hand. Cocaine is particularly dangerous to those with heart conditions and to people who are taking other medications. Long term use rots the septum of the nose, damages the nasal passages, and can kill you due to depressive incidents. 

What is Withdrawal from Cocaine?

Withdrawal from cocaine use doesn’t just refer to stopping taking the drug, but it also includes the feelings you go through when you stop using the drug.  Withdrawal from cocaine can cause health problems, as well as mental health problems. Withdrawal begins from a few hours after your last use, especially if you use at regular intervals. The symptoms of cocaine withdrawal will come over you reasonably quickly after that. 

The Cocaine Withdrawal Symptoms

No matter how long you have used for or if you used crack cocaine or standard cocaine, the symptoms of cocaine withdrawal are similar. The longer you used and the heavier you used will lead to an increase in symptoms of cocaine withdrawal. Long term users are likelier to experience the worst withdrawal symptoms, too. Cocaine addiction is a stimulant use disorder. 

Cocaine withdrawal symptoms include:

  • Tiredness
  • Lack of motivation
  • Slower reactions
  • Difficulty with motor functions
  • An increase in hunger
  • Itchy skin
  • Agitation and anxiety
  • Impulse control problems
  • Nightmares
  • Suicidal thoughts
  • Depression
  • Increased risk of self-harm.
Cocaine does the worst damage to you when you mix it with alcohol. This can impact your central nervous system and cause you no end of trouble. It can also pass on to your baby when you take cocaine if you are pregnant. No baby should be born to go through detox straight away. Please don’t use cocaine if your are pregnant. 

How to Stop Using Cocaine?

If you want to stop using cocaine once and for all, your best option is to check yourself into a residential rehab clinic which includes a detox centre. These facilities allow you to detox from cocaine in a healthy setting with medical assistance as you need it. Once you 

Detox Clinic

A detox clinic is a medical facility which provides you with a safe space where you can stop taking cocaine and go through withdrawal in relative comfort. The medical team in your detox clinic will provide you with drugs which support your detox, making it easier for you to quit for good.

Rehab Facility

After you have the worst of the symptoms of cocaine withdrawal over with, you are left with the rehab portion of your stay. Heavy users might stay for months, where light users might just stay for a few weeks. While in rehab, you will learn how to cope with tough situations without returning to drugs. You might get workshops and classes which will help improve your life when you return to your home. You will have a diet plan and an exercise routine, too. 

Secondary Treatment

The secondary treatment portion of recovering from cocaine addiction does not come until the last portion. Sometimes called aftercare, this period manages your transition out of your rehab facility and back into your ordinary life. This is a tricky period where many recovering cocaine addicts trip up. Choose a rehab clinic with a supportive aftercare program. It is almost as vital as choosing a centre that compliments your lifestyle.

What if Rehab Doesn’t Work? 

Rehab will work even when it doesn’t seem to. Once you detox and begin the journey to sobriety, you will start therapy sessions. These need time to sink in for effective treatment. Don’t expect overnight results and don’t be angry at yourself if you drop out once or twice. It takes stubborn persistence to quit using cocaine as much as it takes a medical team and the right therapies. 

How to find the right rehab for cocaine withdrawal in England and Wales? 

If you need help to choose the correct rehab clinic, complete with detox facility, near you then you have come to the right place. We are a charitable organisation run by a man who once almost lost his health to cocaine use. This gives us a unique insight into what it takes to pick the perfect clinic. Call 0203 955 7700 today for further information or use our request a call back service to have our team of rehab selection experts call you. Withdrawing from cocaine is only a few wise decisions away. Why not reach for those stars?

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