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What is EFT?
What is EFT?

So…. What IS Emotional Freedom Technique?

 I have a variety of tools in my tool box, and one of my favourites is EFT – Emotional Freedom Technique. What I love about this tool is that it is so simple and gentle and yet so powerful. It can be used on absolutely anything and it is a great self-help tool. It works really well in conjunction with Hypnotherapy and other techniques. read more

Nicholas Conn / 18th February 2018/Posted in: Expert Talk
Thanks Mom and Dad For Your Hereditary Gene Pool
Thanks Mom and Dad For Your Hereditary Gene Pool

In traditional addiction treatment, we learn that it is believed that alcoholism has a hereditary basis. And…often times initially we tend to become angry with our parents for their genetics. We even blame them for our addictions sometimes.

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Nicholas Conn / 2nd February 2018/Posted in: Expert Talk


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