Cannabis Addiction


Help4Addiction is experienced in identifying the best possible treatment for cannabis users to ensure you have the best possible chance at beating your addiction. There are a range of reasons why someone may be relying on cannabis use so we offer a range of treatments to help you kick the habit.

What is Cannabis?

Cannabis is naturally occurring and grown in plant form, it can make people feel relaxed and happy. As it is naturally occurring, many people think it is not dangerous, however, long term use can have a wide range of effects on the user. Cannabis is linked to mental health problems such as anxiety, paranoia and even schizophrenia. Using cannabis can also lead to using other more heavy drugs. If you feel you are relying on cannabis to help you cope with everyday life and smoking it on a regular basis then help is at hand to help you curb your use.

Signs & Symptoms of Cannabis Addiction

Lack of motivation
Difficulty concentrating
Mental – health problems
The Treatment

Cannabis use is closely linked to psychiatric disorders and is sometimes used alongside other drugs or alcohol. Treating the mental health disorder with treatments such as behavioural therapy or cognitive therapy has been shown to be successful in a high number of cases of cannabis addiction. There are currently no medications available to treat cannabis use.

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