GHB Addiction

What is GHB? – Summary

GHB is a drug that can cause people to feel drowsy or sleepy and the effects can last for several hours. For this reason, using the drug is quite risky as it takes so long for the effects to wear off. Worryingly, there are clear links between the drug and sexual attacks; this is because it has such a strong effect on people’s consciousness. A lot of people can end up in a coma because of the drug.

What are the Side Effects of GHB?

GHB is colourless, almost tasteless and highly soluble. The effects on the body mean that the user is not in control of what happens to them after they have ingested the result and accidents are common. Further to this, the more severe effects on the body are (amongst others) liver failure, stomach pain, brain damage, respiratory problems, seizures, vomiting, confusion and even death. The long lasting effects on taking the drug mean that if someone is hurt after taking the drug, they are not able to find help until the effects begin wearing off. Some people believe GHB is not addictive but in fact, people can become heavily reliant on the drug to help them to relax.

What are the Withdrawal Symptoms of GHB?

The withdrawal of the drug can have severe effects on the body. Some withdrawal symptoms are: severe anxiety, psychosis and insomnia. As the drug helps people to relax this often means that people relapse as they begin taking the drug again to alleviate these symptoms.

GHB Dependency

If you feel you have a problem with GHB, we can help you address any issues you feel are associated with your drug taking. If you have a loved one who is showing signs of being addicted to GHB then we can support you in assisting them on the first steps to getting help for their recovery. We can help deal with what is causing the addiction, the addiction itself, the problems that have arisen as a result of the addiction and any withdrawal symptoms that might be felt during the recovery process.

It is important to get help in trying to battle against the addiction as it is proven to significantly increase the chances of success. The associated medical risks experienced during the withdrawal of the drug sometimes needs medical intervention, we are available to provide this help to ensure health risks are minimised. There are common misconceptions that GHB is safe because it is used in small doses to aid the treatment of other illnesses. This is worrying as it can have a real and long lasting effect on people who are abusing it.


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