Prescription Drug Addiction

Prescription Drugs – Summary

Are you or a loved one reliant on a drug initially prescribed by a doctor or other medical practitioner? Help4Addiction are available to provide you with the services needed to help you to overcome the feelings of dependency.

What are Prescription Drugs?

Prescription drugs are routine medicines prescribed by a doctor which are taken for a variety of reasons such as pain or for mental health reasons. The long term use of a drug can sometimes lead to people becoming reliant on the drug. This type of addiction is difficult to identify as the drug is legal and prescribed by a doctor. If you feel you are experiencing symptoms of being dependent on a drug prescribed by your doctor, we can help you. Severe problems can arise if people attempt to obtain prescription drugs from illegal sources as it is not possible to prove what is in the drug. The addiction to some prescription drugs can be due to a range of reasons. It is important to explore and identify the reasons for the addiction to allow a suitable treatment to be used. It could be that you are either dependent on the drug for physical, psychological or emotional needs.

What are the Symptoms/ Side Effects of Prescription Drug Abuse?

  • Obtaining a prescription from a doctor for a drug you no longer need
  • Seeking out the drug from illegal sources
  • Abusing the amount of the drug you have been prescribed to take
  • Using someone else’s prescription
  • Experiencing side effects when you stop taking the drug

What Treatments are available?

A range of treatments are available such as cognitive or behavioural therapies. Detoxification is often offered to people addicted to prescription drugs.


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