Finding help for Alcohol & Drug Addiction in Cheshire

If you are struggling with an alcohol addiction, there is plenty of help in Cheshire to support your rehabilitation. Trying to break an addiction alone is not easy and while many addicts find they are sometimes able to go through long periods of sobriety, more often than not they will relapse if they do not have the support network in place to help them through the more challenging times.
This addiction help can come from counselling, alcohol detox treatment or support groups.

One treatment programme will not work for everyone dealing with addiction as the path to recovery will vary from person to person. The withdrawal symptoms you experience and the challenges you face on your way to recovery will depend on your own particular circumstances, how long you have been drinking and how heavily dependent you are as well as the life triggers that lead you to drink.

The important thing is to create a programme of support that is going to help you to meet your specific needs and challenges. This could be a period as an in-patient in rehab followed by therapy sessions or some people may be able to manage their own detox at home, but under medical supervision.

What will it be like trying to break my addiction?

Giving up an addiction is not easy. Even those people who are not addicted to alcohol can find it hard to make even small changes in their life. The fact that alcohol abuse leads to physical as well as psychological dependence means that it can take a huge effort to break away from it.

Initially you will suffer a range of withdrawal symptoms and without support it will be very tempting to feel as though these things are insurmountable and seek refuge again in drink. Some of these withdrawal symptoms can be life threatening at times and therefore it is important that your withdrawal is managed under medical supervision.

You will also need to make behavioural changes and in order to do this you will need to identify and recognise the negative behaviour patterns that you have established as part of your life, which have led to your alcohol dependence and make a conscious effort to change them. Cognitive behavioural therapy can help with this.

If you are serious about making lasting changes and a new life without alcohol you should make use of all the support and resources at your disposal to ensure lasting success.

How do I find the right treatment and support for me in Cheshire?

Our experts are fully trained to help you decide which is going to be the right treatment for you. We will listen to your story and learn more about your particular circumstances and needs and then make recommendations on the best course of action.

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