Finding help for Alcohol Addiction in Barnet En5

The first step to breaking your alcohol addiction is admitting that you have a problem and that you need help to overcome your addiction. People struggling with addiction often feel that their

barnet rehabproblem is not serious enough to warrant going to rehab but the truth is, breaking away from an addiction without help is not easy and very few people achieve long lasting sobriety without support.

If alcohol abuse is having negative effects on your life and you have tried to break the addiction but found yourself relapsing, you are not alone. This is a common cycle for many addicts who often manage to stay dry for weeks or even months at time, but then find themselves returning to drink when life situations get in the way.

Do I need to go to Rehab?

When you try to break an alcohol addiction you will suffer withdrawal symptoms, some of which can be life threatening. It is important that your withdrawal is managed under medical supervision. The severity of your withdrawal symptoms will depend on the level of your addiction and the length of time you have been abusing alcohol.

Many people use alcohol as an escape from stress, anxiety or other life situations that they find challenging. These behaviours have often been established from an early age and new coping mechanisms will need to be learnt in order to deal with everyday situations which are usually triggers for drinking. This is where a good rehab programme comes into play, helping you to identify the triggers and how to cope with them effectively instead of turning to alcohol.

Someone who has become alcohol dependent will have surrounded themselves with other people who drink heavily and regularly. Once you decide that you are ready to break the addiction, it will be important to avoid situations which are associated with drinking. For this reason the addict will need to find new circles of social support, which is where alcohol addiction support groups can help. You will find yourself with other people who are also trying to break the addiction or who have already done so. They will understand what you are going through and offer you support and help through the process.

The biggest challenge to breaking an alcohol addiction is staying sober, forever. Uncovering the root cause of your addiction will help you achieve this, which is where psychological support and cognitive behavioural therapy is helpful as part of a wider rehabilitation programme.

Finding the right rehabilitation and support groups in Barnet En5

Not all rehabilitation programmes are the same and not all rehabilitation centres are the same either. It is important that you find the right type of treatment and support for your personal circumstances and level of addiction. When choosing an addiction rehabilitation programme there are different things that you should take in to consideration such as your level of alcohol abuse, the philosophy and approach of the rehab centre, the level of support you will need and the cost.

Speaking with someone who has expert knowledge can help you identify the best course of action for your particular circumstances and find a rehabilitation centre that is right for you. Call to speak with one of our experts on 0330 088 9518 and we will advise you on the best course of action.

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