Finding help for Alcohol Addiction in Fulham 

Seeking out help for your alcohol addiction is a positive move in the right direction towards making lasting changes. If heavy drinking has become a way of life for you, you will probably find that you have built your social groups and activities around drinking and sought out friends who do not criticise you or judge you because they drink heavily too.

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But if you are starting to think that you are ready to break away from your addiction, you will need to recognise the importance of creating new patterns of behaviour and possibly new support networks, in order to avoid situations where you will be tempted to drink, which is where rehabilitation treatment centres and support groups can help.

Accepting that you are addicted to alcohol and that you will need help to overcome this problem can be the first step to a healthy recovery. Many people who are addicted to alcohol feel that they do not need help with breaking their addiction, but if you do not have the proper support in place, it is going to be an uphill struggle to achieve lasting sobriety.

Breaking an addiction presents many challenges along the way, but with the proper support in place, you can achieve it and make permanent changes.

Do I actually need to go in to rehab?

“Going in to rehab” can mean many things. It does not necessarily mean that you are an in-patient in a clinic, although you may find that you do require this support. The type of treatment and support you will need, will vary depending on the level of your addiction –how much you have been drinking over what period of time.

Most alcohol addicts will follow a similar path to recovery but the severity and intensity of the withdrawal symptoms and challenges you face will vary from person to person. Finding the right rehabilitation programme that will work for your particular circumstances will be an important factor in your successful and long lasting withdrawal.

For many, managing the withdrawal symptoms can be the biggest challenge. Lots of the withdrawal symptoms you may experience can be frightening and can also develop into life threatening conditions, so managing your withdrawal under medical supervision is essential. But the withdrawal symptoms are not the only challenge to overcome and expert help and support in psychological and behavioural issues surrounding your addiction, can also help you to see things more clearly and learn how to change.

How do I find the right rehabilitation and support groups for me Fulham?

This is where we can help. If you would like help deciding on the right rehabilitation programme for you, speak to one of our experts. Our expertise means that we can listen to your story, understand your addiction and make recommendations on the best rehabilitation treatment and support for your withdrawal from alcohol.

For free independent and confidential advice on choosing the best solution for your alcohol addiction call us today on 0330 088 9518.

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