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Dealing with an addiction to alcohol or drugs is a difficult thing to do alone. Some would even say that it’s impossible. At Help 4 Addiction, we connect you with the rehab services that you need to help you access the support that will allow you to achieve your goals. With our connections to rehab clinics in Croydon and across the UK, as well as worldwide, we work with each of our clients to match them to the most appropriate rehab clinic. Our helpline is staffed by experienced and knowledgeable people who offer free and independent advice that will help you form a clearer picture of your next steps.

Do you need help with an addiction?

For many people, coming to the realisation that they might need help for a drug or alcohol addiction is one of the hardest parts. Some people may know deep down that they have a problem but are struggling to admit it to themselves. Others might not be aware of how much damage their addiction is doing to themselves and those around them. If you’re not sure whether you need help, you can start with our free addiction assessment and use our other online resources to help you assess your relationship with alcohol or other drugs.

Personalised Support For Your Recovery

We provide personalised support and resources for addiction recovery. Take the first step towards a brighter future today.

Help for addiction in Croydon

Help 4 Addiction works with rehab clinics across the UK and even abroad to find people the right rehab facility. If you’re looking for alcohol rehab in Croydon or drug rehab in Croydon, our expert advisors will help you to explore your possible options. We have connections with rehab clinics in and around Croydon to make it easier for you to find a treatment centre close to home. Staying close to loved ones is important for many people who want to make sure they have support from friends and family, as well as medical professionals.

The benefits of a private rehab clinic

Treatment from the NHS is one option if you’re looking for help to overcome an addiction. However, relying on the NHS can often leave you with long waiting times, from waiting for referrals to acquiring a place in a rehab programme. A private rehab clinic offers an alternative, often enabling you to enter rehab on the same day that you enquire about it. By going to a private rehab clinic, you get a lot more choice about where to go and what treatment to receive, as well as the overall environment. If you have personal medical insurance, it can cover the cost of addiction treatment.

Why choose residential rehab?

When you look at treatments for drug and alcohol addictions, some of them offer residential rehab options while others are intended to be outpatient treatments. Receiving treatment while staying at home can appeal to many, but there are some good reasons to choose a residential rehab clinic. It offers the chance to recover in a different environment, away from the stressors of everyday life. Doctors and counsellors are available whenever they are needed, and the negative influences that might make it harder to stay away from drugs or alcohol are not present. It’s often the best choice for the initial stages of treating addiction.

Get the support you need with counselling

Receiving treatment for addiction requires more than help with the physical symptoms of withdrawal. It’s also important to have emotional support, which is why you need to find a rehab clinic that provides counselling. Counselling in rehab will help you to address the psychological issues connected to addiction, including any possible mental health conditions that you have. Many rehab facilities provide daily counselling and offer different types of therapy. Some even offer the opportunity to have family counselling sessions so that friends and relatives can be involved.

What’s it like at a rehab clinic?

When attending rehab, you can benefit from a daily routine that helps you to focus on your health. The clinic will provide healthy meals and opportunities to exercise, as well as counselling and visits with a doctor to help you get your health on track. Most of the time, you will share with someone else, which can be beneficial to you, helping you to hold yourself accountable and share your experiences with someone else. Rehab will usually start with detox, where the symptoms of withdrawal will become evident but can sometimes be treated with medication. However, this is just the first stage of treatment.

Alcohol rehab in Croydon

Alcohol addiction can creep up on you. Many people may not even realise that they have a problem until someone else suggests it. Drinking alcohol is a socially acceptable and in fact encouraged thing to do. So it can take a while for someone to seek help if alcohol is affecting their life negatively. If you are ready to start addressing your alcohol addiction, Help 4 Addiction can give you the advice that you need to find the right alcohol rehab in Croydon.

Drug rehab in Croydon

A rehab clinic is often the best place to start recovering from drug addiction. When you get in touch with Help 4 Addiction, we connect you with local drug rehab clinics and help you to find the right service. We understand the importance of finding the best treatment for any individual, and we have hands-on experience in dealing with addiction. We can connect you with clinics staffed with highly qualified therapists and clinicians to get you the right support.

Finding the right rehab

Choosing the right rehab can be difficult, whether you’re looking for yourself or helping a loved one. If you’re not sure where to start, Help 4 Addiction has you covered. We offer advice to help you discover your options and find out more about which clinics could be right for you or the person you’re helping. Having access to the resources that you need makes it easier to make this all-important decision

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