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If you live in Herefordshire county and have a problem quitting drugs or getting off drinking, we at Help 4 Addiction can connect you with the resources you need. Success rates are higher when you seek out a treatment plan that is best suited to you, with the right people on your side, your chances of sticking to a rehabilitation plan are increased. Let us be your initial support to get you off drink and drugs, for good.

If you need emergency help, then you should contact emergency services. If you need to formulate a plan to quit an addiction in an orderly, safe, welcoming environment, then we are the group you need. We offer a team of recovery experts at your disposal, poised and waiting for your call.

Contact us now at 0203 955 7700 if you are ready to kick your addiction. You can also schedule a consultation with us if you are not quite ready for a phone call just yet.

Drug and Alcohol-Related Crimes in Herefordshire

Herefordshire is generally thought of as a nice place to live. Just because a place is nice in the daylight, however, doesn’t mean it doesn’t hide secrets when the sun goes down. Drug and alcohol addiction are huge problems throughout England, and Herefordshire doesn’t make for a good exception.

Actually, drug crimes make up for an overall 2.4% of crimes in Herefordshire. This equates to roughly 2.3 crimes per thousand people and is only 76% of the national average. The local newspapers are frequently filled with stories regarding drug crimes in the area. The Hereford Times reported on a drug dealer flooding the county with Class A narcotic drugs as recently as in March of this year. We know that the presence of drugs doesn’t always mean there are addicts. However, their presence of them does indicate there is a chance for addiction. If that sounds like you, reach out now on 0203 955 7700.

Personalised Support For Your Recovery

We provide personalised support and resources for addiction recovery. Take the first step towards a brighter future today.

Alcohol Addiction and Rehab in Herefordshire

Alcohol addiction is a terrible epidemic in England and Wales. It is estimated to cost the NHS some £21 billion per year, between the two health service regions. Studies have shown that 45% of people from the poorest areas don’t drive, compared to 55% who do. Of the 55%, some 22% are binge drinkers, admitting to drinking far more than they should on a regular basis.

If you live in Herefordshire county and you would like help to stop drinking, services are at hand to make it easier. All it takes is for you to make the first move. Call us now, on 0203 955 7700 to make that first move.

Can I Get Help For Addiction Near Me?

If you live in Herefordshire then yes, you can get help for your addiction right on your doorstep. There are a number of different rehab clinics and centres dotted around the area that can facilitate your recovery – and we can help connect you with them. To get help for addiction near you, contact us today at 0203 955 7700. You can even get help online, here.

Does My Partner Have A Hidden Addiction?

What should you do if you suspect your loved one is hiding an addiction from you? Are there any telltale signs? Unfortunately, you can never be sure that your significant other is suffering from addiction – but you can provide a safe and supportive atmosphere for them to confide in. You can also tell them about Help 4 Addiction and point them in the right direction to get the recovery information they need.

When a loved one is suffering from addiction you will find they are distant, short-tempered, and difficult to love. You should be prepared for these things to get worse before they get better. Those short-tempered moments will intensify, the symptoms of withdrawal may be physically painful, and the duties of everyday life might seem impossible. Your most important task as a loving partner is to provide support during this difficult time. This might mean any number of things. It might even mean giving them the time and space they need to work out their demons.

To learn more about alcohol addiction, you can see our page on alcoholism. If you suspect your loved one is hiding a drug addiction, you can learn more about it by following this link. Don’t forget that you should seek out counselling of your own, particularly if you are a family unit. This may ultimately save your relationship and your family unit. More importantly, it will help you to get support, too. You cannot care for a loved one with an alcohol or drug addiction if you are making yourself mentally unwell with worry.

How Long Will it Take for Herefordshire-Based Rehab to Work?

The average length of time that you will receive full access to your rehab clinic’s services is usually 28 days. This doesn’t mean that the support ends after that time. It takes different periods of time for each individual to recover from an addiction. Even once you are recovered, you may need extra support in future, particularly when life gets difficult or your triggers rear up.

With proper support and a combination of therapy and medication, you will eventually recover. If you are determined enough to get your life back then you can do it, regardless of how long it takes. That being said, you can see this article about how long recovery from addiction takes, for more information.

The Three Types of Rehab

There are many different types of rehab and recovery from addiction takes many forms. With this in mind, there are three main methods by which you will get help for addiction in the UK. They are as follows…

Private Rehab

This is the most luxurious rehab option. You will receive the same standard of care in all types of Herefordshire-based rehab, but you will recover in opulence if you go with a private company. Again, they have different price points and options, as well as tailored treatment packages. This is the type of rehab celebrities often go to and is usually fully residential.

Outpatient Treatment (Dayhab)

You can recover from addiction in Herefordshire if you want to be an outpatient. This means you can come and go to your rehab centre or rehab clinic as you, please. This is the best type of rehab for those that do not have regular contact with their addictions in their normal lives and don’t feel the need to sequester themselves away to avoid past habits. It is also a good idea for those transitioning back into normal life from full-time residential rehab courses.

Residential Rehab

Residential rehab combines all the traditional aspects of recovering from addiction into one 28-day stint at a full-time, live-in facility. You will receive a combination of group therapies, talking therapies, art therapies and numerous other options for treatment in a residential facility. Residential rehab does not need to be private and can be an NHS facility. You should not check out before your assigned period is over.

This type of rehab is best used by those that give in to their familiar habits easily. Removing yourself from your regular life entirely is a good option if your addiction is heavily influenced by your friend group or living/working environment.

Online therapy for Addictions in Herefordshire

To respond to the new health and safety conditions being implemented around the UK, many facilities have started to offer online therapies such as group sessions and one-to-one counselling for addiction. This is a fairly new service that has yet to reach its full potential. Given the growth of digital products and their use on a global level, it’s likely that we will see much more online therapy use in the future.

Help for Addiction and Rehab is Available in All Areas of Herefordshire!

Here at Help4Addiction, it is our priority to ensure that rehab options are available throughout the whole of Herefordshire. No matter where in the county you live, you can get help to quit taking drugs. If you want to stop drinking or kick an addiction and you live in the following areas, then reach out for recovery near you.

  • Bromyard
  • Credenhill
  • Droitwich
  • Hereford
  • Kington
  • Ledbury
  • Leominster
  • Longtown
  • Ross-on-Wye
  • Upton upon Severn
  • Worcester

And all of the areas in between! There are strategically placed NHS and private rehab centres and rehab clinics all over the country. Getting help from a centre in your area, either as an outpatient or as a resident, has never been as easy as it is today.

So whatever your addiction and whichever area of Herefordshire county you come from, you can get help for addiction, right now. Contact us on 0203 955 7700 to get off alcohol for good. It’s a long journey but it all starts with a single phone call. It also happens to be the most important thing you will do for both yourself and your loved ones. If that isn’t worth your time, then what is?

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