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Fighting alcohol and drug addiction is one of the hardest battles that any individual will ever face, not least because it can feel a very lonely place. Allow Help 4 Addiction to provide the support needed to finally unlock the door to a brighter future today. It’ll be the smartest thing you’ll ever do!

We’ve helped thousands of addicts throughout Ipswich, Suffolk, and even further afield. The help you require is just a phone call away.

24/7 Telephone Support For Substance Abusers In Ipswich & Beyond

Addiction doesn’t adhere to a timetable and can strike at any time. Likewise, you may find that the urge to finally regain control of your life comes when other forms of support aren’t available. Help 4 Addiction is a free-to-call phone line service that is open to Ipswich alcohol and drug abusers on a 24/7 basis. Whether you want to speak to an agent about how to give up or require some support when you’re tempted to relapse, our experts are ready and willing at all times.

Our impartial support is provided in complete confidentiality, meaning you can talk to us in confidence and without fear. Even if you wish to remain anonymous at all times, our only aim is to ensure that you receive the help that you deserve.

Aside from the immediate advice that we provide, our team of experts works with rehab centres, clinics, and other professionals from around the town to ensure that callers can find the best long-term support for their problems. This could include private rehab, NHS rehab processes, alcohol detoxing, support groups, psychological support, and treatments for anxiety and other issues that may be influencing your habits.

When you need support through any stage of the alcohol and drug rehab process, Help 4 Addiction is the obvious answer. Whether you’re a lifelong addict, a recent addict, or a problematic user that has fears of spiralling into addiction, give us a call.

Personalised Support For Your Recovery

We provide personalised support and resources for addiction recovery. Take the first step towards a brighter future today.

Why Choose Help 4 Addiction?

Aside from the fact that we provide a free, confidential, and convenient service, it’s worth noting that Help 4 Addiction is committed to finding the right solution for your needs. No two addicts are in an identical scenario, which is why having access to such an eclectic range of experts is so vital. When combined with the fact that we actually care, your hopes of beating the addiction are greater than ever.

We boast the skills, expertise, compassion, and connections to help you through a range of drug rehab processes. We can help with alcohol addiction, amphetamine addiction, cannabis addiction, cocaine addiction, crack addiction, heroin addiction, meth addiction, prescription drug addiction, and various related issues. What’s more, the fact that we aren’t trying to sell you any specific service ensures that you get the right information to make the right choice.

Help 4 Addiction doesn’t only support addicts either. We appreciate that it can be immensely difficult to see a loved one suffering from those problems. Whether it’s gaining advice on how to talk to them about admitting their problems or providing a little counselling for relatives, our team is here for you. Always.

When looking for advice on how to overcome addiction, the support you chose must be;

Help 4 Addiction ticks all the boxes in emphatic style, confirming our place as the ideal first port of call for anyone that’s suffering from addiction of any kind.

Unlock The Incentive To Finally Fight Back

In the likely scenario that you’ve had problems with drugs and alcohol for some time, you’ve probably considered seeking professional support at several stages. For whatever reason, you simply haven’t found that inner desire. Help 4 Addiction can change that.

Our advisors take great pride in understanding the people behind the addiction, which is one of the defining features that makes us the ideal solution for all Ipswich-based victims of the illness. Aside from getting to the source of your problems, you’ll discover the source of motivation that will finally keep you on track. The most common answers are;

Whatever the incentive might be, unlocking that reason for wanting to give up forever is one of the key ingredients in the recipe for success. For this reason alone, Help 4 Addiction can be the secret weapon for the battles ahead.

Support That Goes Beyond Traditional Treatments

Getting on top of your problem is a short-term goal that could include a few months in rehab or may be completed with just a few sessions of therapy. The exact methods used here can be influenced by a host of factors including willpower levels and the level of damage caused by your past decisions. However, this is only half of the battle.

The harsh reality is that addiction is something that will continue to impact your daily life for the rest of your days. Even when you reach a stage where it feels as though you are free from temptation, alcohol withdrawal symptoms could surface at any stage.

Help 4 Addiction’s phone support team can provide ongoing post-treatment support to prevent those urges from becoming relapses. Even if it’s just to listen to your issues as you get things off your chest, this comforting source of help can make all the difference in the long-term war against those demons.

Through a combination of immediate results and sustained support, releasing yourself from the grip that addiction currently holds over you is finally possible.

Don’t Delay, Call Today!

The fact that you are on this site shows that you’re ready to put those dark days behind you. Take the next step by calling 0203 955 7700 today. Our friendly, non-judgmental, and highly professional advisors will help you rediscover the joys of living a life free of alcohol and drug dependence in no time.

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Nicholas Conn

Nicholas Conn

Nicholas Conn is a leading industry addiction expert who runs the UK’s largest addiction advisory service and is regularly featured in the national press, radio and TV. He is the founder and CEO of a drug and alcohol rehab center called Help4addiction, which was founded in 2015. He has been clean himself since 2009 and has worked in the Addiction and Rehab Industry for over a decade. Nick is dedicated to helping others recover and get treatment for drug and alcohol abuse. In 2013, he released a book ‘The Thin White’ line that is available on Amazon.

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