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Are you worried about a friend or a relative who seems to be drinking too much or taking drugs on a regular basis? Are you concerned that you have an addiction to alcohol or drugs? Addictions are incredibly tough to combat, but it is possible to adapt to life without drink or drugs with the right support, professional advice and medical treatment.

Often, when you have an addiction, the most challenging aspect of turning your life around is admitting that you’ve got to a point where you’re on a downward spiral and you need help to get off the rollercoaster and change course. If you’ve reached this point, you might find that going to rehab is the best option.

Finding drug and alcohol rehab in Leamington

If you live in Leamington, and you’re eager to get help, or you’re worried about a close friend or a family member, Help4Addiction is here to help. We have links with many rehab centres and drug and alcohol services in the area, and we can provide information and advice to help you take the next step.

Some people might assume that rehab is only for celebrities or those who have incredibly severe health problems linked to addiction, but rehab can be amazingly beneficial for anyone who has become dependent on alcohol or drugs. If you have a compulsion to drink or take drugs, and your body and your mind have become reliant, going to rehab could be the best decision you ever make.

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What actually happens when you go into rehab?

Every rehab centre is different, but the vast majority provide similar programmes in terms of the type of treatments and techniques that are employed. When you have an addiction, often the first goal is to tackle withdrawal symptoms. If your body has become reliant on drinks or drugs, it can go into shock mode when they are withdrawn, and this can result in unpleasant symptoms like tremors, vomiting, hallucinations, sweating, and exhaustion.

It’s vital to control these symptoms, and in a rehab setting, you will be cared for by trained, accredited medical staff with experience and expertise in treating patients with addiction. A controlled detox is a form of cleansing therapy, which enables you to cope with the withdrawal of alcohol or drugs. During this period, your condition will be monitored closely.

Once withdrawal symptoms are under control, it’s possible to utilise other therapies and treatments to boost your physical health and your mental wellbeing. Often, rehab programmes combine treatments like medication with counselling and talking therapies. A typical day in rehab may involve one-to-one support in addition to group sessions, for example. These sessions are designed to help you understand why you drink or turn to drugs and to adjust your mindset so that you can learn to deal with stress triggers or anxiety in a different, more constructive way after rehab.

Anxiety, depression and addiction

Addictions often cause physical symptoms, but they are driven by a psychological compulsion. It’s very common to resort to taking drugs or drinking if you suffer from anxiety or depression, and these mental health disorders can also be a by-product of addiction. This can create a vicious cycle that is incredibly hard to break. If you feel anxious or low, you might feel that the only way to get out of that fog is to have a drink, for example, but drinking will only serve to heighten anxiety once the instant impact of making you feel more relaxed has worn off.

One of the key aspects of rehab treatment is managing depression and anxiety and restoring chemical balance. To break the cycle, medical professionals will often recommend a tailored blend of therapies, which range from self-help techniques like regular exercise to structured counselling sessions, medication, and cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT).

For many people, there are triggers or warning lights that result in strong compulsions, and learning to spot these triggers and adopt a different way of thinking can make all the difference. Sometimes, we find it hard to talk about our thoughts, feelings, and fears with people we know, and discussing our emotions with a counsellor can help us to process those feelings and give us a better insight into our own behaviour.

Talking might make you realise that you’ve been under more stress than you thought, or that you’ve struggled to come to terms with a distressing or unsettling life event like the loss of a loved one or a relationship breakdown, for example.

Why you should consider drug rehab in Leamington

There are multiple options open to people who want to try and overcome addiction, but often, rehab is the best. Going cold turkey is often counterproductive because people are unable to cope with withdrawal symptoms, and they don’t have the emotional support and medical guidance they need to do this at home. Rehab provides a safety net for those who have an addiction, and it gives you an opportunity to focus on your recovery wholeheartedly without distractions like work, family, and friends.

If you’re hanging out with the same people doing the same things day in, day out, it’s very easy to fall into old habits. In a rehab centre, you can concentrate on your treatment and put yourself first. You’ll also be surrounded by people who have the knowledge and expertise to help you battle your addiction, and you’ll be treated using the best therapies on offer. Rehab helps to boost physical health, but most importantly, it zones in on your emotions, your feelings, and your mindset, and this is key to continued success once you go home.

Find rehab in Leamington

If you need advice about drug or alcohol rehab in Leamington, or you’d like to talk to an expert, we’re here to help. We can provide you with guidance and support and we’ll use our local knowledge to help you find the best alcohol and drug rehab in Leamington. Why not give us a call on 0203 555 7700 or request a callback to find out more?

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