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Being addicted to drugs or alcohol is unpleasant, confusing, and hurtful. You never have any money. You don’t want to see your friends or family because you shy away from them seeing your drunk or high. You don’t want to go out because then you can’t use, or you will spend money for drugs or drink on other things. You can’t go more than a full day without your substance of choice, which means you can never be too far from your dealer or a pharmacy. Worst of all, your health is slowly wearing away to the point that your body is changing to accommodate your daily drink or drug use. This addiction is changing every aspect of your life for the worst. So what are you going to do about it?

Here at Help 4 Addiction we know what it feels like to be trapped in this cycle. There is a strong connection between addiction and depression, when your brain is hooked on the serotonin or dopamine that is produced every time you use, you need to keep going so that you keep getting that boost. When you take that boost away, you end up with depression. If you lengthen the time between hits, you become depressed. If the dealer is unavailable, or you can’t get some, or you are on your last – all of it causes depression. We acknowledge these hard emotions and we try to move on, supporting you when you decide you have had enough of it.

When you decide to quit drinking or stop taking drugs, we are here for that. We are a service dedicated to helping you choose just which rehab clinic is right for you. We find the best rehab centres near you based on the specifications you give us. We don’t need to explain why finding a match in rehab in terms of your preferred activities, hobbies, and interests can give you a better chance of quitting addictions for good. We select the best rehab for you given what you tell us your guidelines are. By doing this, you give yourself the best possible start in your recovery journey.

If you want to get off drink or drugs or even if you just want to chat to one of our trained advisors, then all you need to do is pick up the phone. That single action might be the best thing you ever do with your life. It might also just be an informal chat about what it might take for you to quit alcohol or drugs in the future… we don’t mind. We are here for you.

So if you live in Middlesbrough and you want to get off drink or drugs, we want you to call us for help. You can reach Help 4 Addiction on 0203 955 7700 whenever you decide the time is right.

Middlesbrough Drug and Alcohol Misuse

So does Middlesbrough even have a problem with drugs and alcohol? We always like to point out that alcohol is a problem for England in general. Some of the statistics that NHS Digital give us on alcoholism in the UK are frightening. We have made drink an over-the-counter product and, as such, we are now dealing with the consequences. It isn’t just in Middlesbrough but is actually a nationwide problem. Did you know, for example, that there were 5,698 alcohol related deaths in 2018?

More specific to the city, Middlesbrough has an alcohol ‘harm reduction policy’ as set out by the city council. Although this is a nicely rounded framework it does little to address the personal cost of alcoholism. You can give guidance on how we handle alcohol addiction in your city all you like but if you’re not actively preventing it then you might be seen as being part of the problem. This is very much in line with the national regard for drink, which is negligible. We do not see it as a drug, but we should. In reality, alcohol, caffeine, and nicotine are three drugs we come into contact with daily. It doesn’t matter that they are legal, they are still addictive substances.

As for drug misuse in Middlesbrough, it generally comes in two forms. There are those that are started on prescription medications and eventually become completely dependent on them, and there are those that suffer from an illicit drug addiction. Illegal drugs come in three classes with Class A tending to be the most addictive. Class A contains heroin, cocaine, and other high-impact drugs. It is for these that most drug dealers are caught, arrested, and placed in jail.

Specific to Middlesbrough, the drug problem all of England is experiencing doesn’t escape unharmed. Back in January at the start of the year, Middlesbrough police started enforcing a clamp down on drug dealers in the city. The same article outlined how the council has moved known drug dealers out of Harford Street in an attempt to clean the city up. The BBC reported on the article, acknowledging that the council have also issued warning letters to known drug users to buck up their behaviour or be out on the street. Again, this isn’t the most helpful tactic for those suffering from drug addiction. To be forced from your home and not offered support to recover is similar to adding yet another problem to an already stacked plate.

Personalised Support For Your Recovery

We provide personalised support and resources for addiction recovery. Take the first step towards a brighter future today.

Help for Drug and Alcohol Addiction in Middlesbrough is Available

There is a rehab clinic near you, no matter where you live in Middlesbrough. We are able to connect you with all sorts of types of therapy, rehab, and alcohol counselling. All we need to do is listen to your list of requirements and filter out the non-contenders on your behalf. This way, you have the option of the rehab clinics that will work for you, with none of the excess.

Rehab comes in many forms. First of all, you will need to go through the detox process. The detox process is different depending on what you were addicted to and for how long you have been taking it. The heavier the drinker or drug user, the longer the detox process will take and the harder it will be. We would always recommend that you go to a specially set up facility to get off drink and drugs and don’t go cold turkey. Stopping everything at once without any medical help can be dangerous and might even cause a heart attack! Instead, contact us for advice or go and see your GP. We want you to get off drugs and it will be much quicker to just pick up the phone and call us. Our number is 0203 955 7700.

Once you have gone through detox you will be able to start on the rest of your recovery. This will involve taking part in all types of therapy – both group and one-on-one. You will also be offered holistic type therapies which are designed to introduce you to new hobbies, the likes of which will take your mind off drink or drug taking. When you are deeply addicted to substances you do not realise that you lose the parts of yourself that made you who you are. Therapies like animal or equine therapy, using sports, or using arts and crafts, will all make you remember what sort of things you used to do to pass the time before you developed a drug or drinking problem in Middlesbrough.

You might be in a residential rehab facility where you don’t go home at night, or you might be in an outpatient rehab clinic that lets you fit getting better in around your life. If you want to quit drinking or drugs and you have a load of life responsibilities you feel are preventing you from doing so, then you ought to know that outpatient treatment is possible. You could get help through therapies taken after work or fitted in around your day. Everyone can get help for addiction in Middlesbrough – especially using Help 4 Addiction. Contact us now on 0203 955 7700 for more information.

Help is Available in ALL Areas of Middlesbrough!

No matter which area of the city you live in, Help4Addiction extends a welcoming hand in your direction. No matter whether you have an unlimited budget or no budget at all, there is an English rehab clinic for you. Choose between public health or private health facilities, between residential and outpatient, or between holistic therapies or new hobbies. You can find a place with a gym, with horses, or with art supplies. When you get help for your drug or alcohol addiction through us, anything is possible… and we will find it for you!

We help those suffering from addictions in:


  • Acklam
  • Berwick Hills
  • Brambles Farm
  • Coulby Newham
  • Easterside
  • Eston
  • Grangeton
  • Grove Hill
  • Hemlington
  • Linthorpe
  • Marton Grove
  • Marton
  • Netherfields
  • Normanby
  • North Oremesby
  • Nunthorpe
  • Ormesby
  • Pallister
  • Park End
  • Saltersgill
  • South Bank
  • Stainton and Thornton
  • Teesville
  • Thorntree
  • Tollesby
  • West Lane
  • Whinney Banks

However, if your area isn’t mentioned above then don’t be worried. There is a massive chance that we help people from your area and we just forgot to mention it. Contact us via our online consultation service or call us today, on 0203 955 7700 to start your journey to recovery. We truly hope you call us soon to get back to yourself again. Your friends and family miss you.

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Nicholas Conn

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