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Addiction can impact your life in numerous ways. Not only can addiction impact your physical and mental health, but it can impact other areas of your life, including your finances, relationships, family, and general well-being.

The good news is that there is help out there for you. Over 275,000 adults contacted drugs and/ or alcohol services last year.

The North East of England has the highest levels of drug and alcohol addiction in the whole of England – if you are dealing with addiction, you’re not alone.

If you live in or around the Newcastle-Upon-Tyne area, we can find the right Newcastle rehab for you. Read on to learn more about addiction, including alcohol and the different types of drug addiction.

On this page, we’ll also be discussing what to expect from drug and alcohol rehab in Newcastle, and how our friendly team of experts at Help4Addiction can help you overcome your addiction.

Alcohol Addiction

Alcohol addiction is considered a brain disease; it is a form of a substance use disorder, just like drug addiction. Alcohol addiction is the most severe form of alcohol abuse and alcohol use disorder – and is characterised by the inability to control your alcohol consumption.

Alcohol addiction can have an effect on all areas of your life – this may include impacted mental health, finances, career, and of course, physical health.

Alcoholism has been found to be a causal factor in more than 60 health conditions, including high blood pressure, depression, and cirrhosis of the liver. Alcohol can also increase the risk of different cancers, including liver, stomach, throat, mouth and breast cancer.

Long-term alcoholism can be life-threatening, and lead to organ failure. If you think you may be addicted to alcohol, seek help today.

You are not alone – there are over 600,000 dependent drinkers in the UK, but it’s estimated that just 18% of people addicted to alcohol are receiving treatment.

We are in contact with alcohol rehab centres dotted around Newcastle and can find the right place for you to overcome your alcohol addiction. Contact us to discuss your treatment options and to learn more about how we can help you.

Personalised Support For Your Recovery

We provide personalised support and resources for addiction recovery. Take the first step towards a brighter future today.

Drug Addiction

Drug addiction can refer to both psychological and physical addiction. If you think you have a drug addiction, we can find the right alcohol and drug rehab for you to recover.

Learning about drug addiction is the first step you should take before you seek treatment or begin treatment. Many drugs are addictive – both illicit drugs/ street drugs and prescription drugs or regulated drugs.

At Help4Addiction, we can help you overcome a wide range of addictions. Whether you have a mild cannabis addiction or a severe heroin addiction or a cocaine addiction, we can source the best drug rehab in Newcastle for you.

Prescription Drug Addiction

Prescription drugs can be just as addictive as illicit substances such as cocaine – especially when it comes to opioid drugs such as codeine, oxycodone, and tramadol. Even if you get drugs prescribed by a doctor, you can become addicted to prescription drugs.

However, the chances of developing prescription drug dependence and addiction are greatly enhanced if you abuse prescription drugs. This could involve taking someone else’s prescription, taking higher than a recommended amount, or mixing the prescription drug with other drugs or alcohol.

If you are addicted to prescription medication, prescription drug rehab is the best way forward. Read on to learn more about the alcohol and drug treatment process.

Signs You Have a Drug or Alcohol Addiction

It is possible to be addicted to alcohol or drugs and not realise the extent of your addiction until you stop taking the substance.

The signs and symptoms of alcohol and drug addiction can vary depending on certain circumstances – for example, the type of drug, the length of your addiction, and your personality.

However, some common signs of addiction include:

  • Trying to stop taking drugs/ drinking alcohol but being unable to/ relapsing
  • Putting your physical health at risk (and your mental health)
  • Engaging in dangerous behaviours (e.g drink-driving)
  • Stealing or getting into debt to fund your addiction
  • Others noticing your alcohol/ drug abuse/ being concerned for your safety
  • Experiencing withdrawal symptoms when you lower dose/ stop using

Drug and alcohol dependence can affect all aspects of your life – for example, mental health issues, physical health, finances, career/ education, and finances.

If you think you may be addicted to drugs or alcohol, then getting help is the best thing you can do. Alcohol and drug rehab programmes can help you live without the substance, allowing you to detox in a secure environment. Read on to learn more about alcohol and drug rehab.

What to Expect When You Start Addiction Treatment in Newcastle

Knowing what to expect from drug and alcohol rehab treatment can not only prepare you for the process but make the idea of attending rehab much less daunting.

First of all, you should decide whether you want to undergo rehab as an outpatient or as an inpatient. Residential rehab is preferred by many as it removes you from the environment in which you became addicted to drugs or alcohol.

As an inpatient, your meals and accommodation will be provided for you as part of the cost of rehab.

Outpatient treatment is a good option for those who have responsibilities such as childcare or work – if you’re unable to take a week or two out of work, then you may prefer to undergo rehab on an outpatient basis.

The addiction treatment process can vary depending on a range of factors; for example, the substance, the clonic, or your preferences. However, the three core stages generally remain the same – detox, rehab, and aftercare. Read on to learn more.

Drug and Alcohol Detox in Newcastle

Detoxing from the substance you’re addicted to is the first stage of drug and alcohol rehab treatment. This stage aims at dealing with the physical aspect of addiction.

During the detoxification stage, you’ll rid your body of any substances you’re addicted to. This means that you may experience unpleasant and uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms.

Depending on the drug you’re addicted to or the severity of your alcohol addiction, you may benefit from an inpatient drug detox (medically supervised).

Some people will only complete a detox – but at Help4Addiction, we recommend that you complete a drug or alcohol detox as part of a larger rehab plan.

This is because detoxification only addresses the physical aspect of addiction, and does nothing to overcome the social, psychological or behavioural aspects of addiction. This is something that is actioned in the next stages of rehabilitation.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Newcastle

Once you have completed the detox, you may proceed to the second stage of the drug and alcohol rehab process – therapy.

This stage is aimed at dealing with the behavioural and psychological aspects of your addiction, ultimately improving your well-being, confidence, and strength.

During this stage, you’ll receive mental health support – whether it be in the form of group therapy, counselling, or one-to-one therapy. Some private rehab treatment centres may offer holistic therapies – for example, art therapy or sports therapy.

CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy) is a common form of therapy in drug/ alcohol rehab. It is primarily used to treat anxiety and depression but can be effective in dealing with the psychological aspects of addiction.

There are many other addiction therapies used to treat addiction – for example:

  • DBT (dialectical behavioural therapy)
  • Group therapy
  • Interpersonal therapy
  • Counselling

Secondary Treatment in Newcastle

Once you have finished your course of drug and/or alcohol rehab treatment, the support you receive doesn’t have to end.

Many quality rehab facilities will offer secondary treatment to ease the transition out of rehab back into your daily life, to prevent relapse. You may wish to continue individual therapy and/or counselling, or attend support groups or group therapy for your long-term recovery.

Finding The Right Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Newcastle For You

At Help4Addiction, we are in contact with various drug and alcohol rehab centres in and around the Newcastle area.

If you, your friends or family members are looking to seek alcohol and drug addiction treatment, we can find the right local rehab clinic for you and your circumstances.

When choosing a treatment facility for drug and alcohol addiction, there are several factors you may wish to consider. First of all, take the location into account – is it far from Newcastle?

If you wish to undergo rehabilitation as an outpatient, is it far to travel? What are the treatment plans like? Does the alcohol and drug rehab facility offer aftercare or secondary treatment? What therapies do they have available?

At Help4Addiction, we can take your preferences and requirements into account and find the right Newcastle treatment facility for you, whether it be for drug addiction, alcohol addiction, or a combination of the two.

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