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Do you lie in the Warrington area? Do you struggle with a drug or alcohol addiction? Then you may need our help. Here at Help4Addiction, we specialise in connecting people who want to quit drinking or get off drugs, with the resources they need in order to do so. It’s tough to quit on your own, you will be more successful with our help, and with the support of a qualified rehab clinic near you.

What do we do here at Help4Addiction? We put you in touch with the right rehab care to get you off drink or drugs and back on track. If you need urgent help because you have overdosed or if you are in need of emergency treatment, stop reading and call 999. If you need help to quit alcoholism slowly, calmly, and safely or give up drug taking, then we can help you boot your substance abuse.

Finding the right drug and alcohol rehab clinic in the Warrington area will make your recovery easier and give you the best chance of making that recovery eternal. If you need our help to get off drink or drugs then call us now, on 0203 955 7700. We are ready and waiting to help.

Why It’s So Important to Find The right Rehab Clinic Near You?

There is no standard outline for rehab clinics in Warrington and so they can wildly differ in the treatments offered. That being said, we know that you have a greater chance of recovering from an addiction with that extra support, than you have without it. Additional studies in America have shown that rehabilitation varies from person to person in terms of support needed. In their research, the American Addiction Centre has identified that it is often a mixture of self-help, rehabilitation clinics, formal programs (such as the 12 steps for alcoholism) and old hobbies and interests that provide a solid base of treatment success.

What this means to you and me is that recovering from drug or alcohol abuse is like deciding you are going to buy a new toolbox. Every time you go to therapy sessions and learn something about your addiction, you add a new tool to the box. When you complete CBT (that’s Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) courses in particular, you will learn tools that help you negotiate situations in a new way. This new way includes healthy coping mechanisms and excludes the unhealthy habits you had before – such as substance misuse.

So when you decide to get off drugs or stop drinking, you start building this toolbox up. Unfortunately, it has no one-size-fits-all cure. There is no instruction manual on what tools you personally need to get the job done. This part of recovery you will figure out as you go. When you start carving out these new tools, you don’t have any way of knowing which tools you need and which you don’t. You will feel that you identify more with some therapies than you do with others – and that’s simply fine.

Because of this, it may be that your first rehab clinic isn’t the best for you. It might be that you can match the right rehab clinic for you with the things you think you will need the most, and that’s exactly why we exist as an organisation. Help4Addiction have years of experience in matching the right person with the rehab clinic near them that gives them the optimum chances of treatment success. We do this by asking a series of questions, carefully crafted to ensure that you meet a match made in heaven.

Our goal is simple. We want you to quit drinking, get off drugs, or otherwise quit substance abuse in Warrington. Alcohol addiction and drug addiction are rife in England and Wales right now… but it’s nothing new. A few years ago, our founder was suffering from an addiction himself. He had a successful career and family life, so knows that it can happen to anyone. He succumbed to a drug addiction and realised that there was a huge gap in the provision of rehab services in England and being able to find the right rehab to help you actually quit addiction. He set out to form an organisation that would fill this gap and get people the help they needed. Help4Addiciton was born and we have gone on to help hundreds of people – just like you – since.

Let’s look more closely at the statistics for drug and alcohol misuse in Warrington to see just how big of a problem there is.

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Drug Problems in Warrington

So how big of a problem are drugs in Warrington? We have no way of measuring the underworld of narcotic drugs because of the illegality involved. In order to pinpoint exactly how much of a problem drug use in Warrington is, we can turn to drug crime statistics, instead. In spite of this, it is worth noting that it is just as easy to become addicted to prescription drugs as it is to be addicted to illegal ones. Some might even find it easier since prescription drugs always come from chemists and surgeries and you don’t need to seek out a dealer.

There are some guidelines in place in Warrington as to what ought to be done about addiction. The borough council have put together a health and wellbeing board whose job it is to deal with such things. While this is great in terms of first steps, they don’t seem to have any hands-on experience. The whole system seems to operate from a paperwork viewpoint and not do much else. If you are interested you can review these guidelines, here. They do also go to the effort of providing some useful links in the form of local charities and NHS help for addiction, but these don’t go beyond anything you wouldn’t already know.

Back in May of 2020 it seems that police in Warrington seized both drugs and weaponry in some well-placed raiding. Warrington Worldwide reported that the police have been working hard to tackle the organised drug crime ring operating in the city, and this was one of those raids. CPSlawyers also recorded June as the month when 21 members of a drug running gang were apprehended in Cheshire. These people were supplying drugs all the way from Warrington to Carlisle.

All things considered; it looks like Warrington doesn’t just have a drug problem – it has a Class A drug problem. Heroin and Cocaine are the two most frequently reported on drug crimes in the area, indicating that drug addiction in Warrington is bigger than anyone first thought.

Alcohol problems in Warrington

Again, we have a repeat of before. Warrington Borough Council issued a commission to look into alcohol misuse in the area. They, in turn, set up some guidelines and issued some advice. Together with clear instruction from the NHS in the Warrington area, we found that, although plenty of warnings are in place, alcoholism is still a major factor in public health concerns.

In spite of all the warnings to your health, Cheshire Live recently reported that statistics had more than 1300 alcohol induced or related crimes in the area, with Warrington seeing a massive recent rise in crimes related to booze. In the last couple of years, alcohol crimes have risen by as much as 7 percent… a figure that keeps on rising, no matter what we do.

If you need help with an alcohol addiction or are struggling to fight back against a drug addiction in Warrington, we can help connect you with the best rehab clinic near you. Call us now, on 0203 955 7700, to get the help you need, now. You can also rely on our online consultation service if you don’t have time to talk, or if you aren’t ready to quit just yet. A new future is waiting for you after detox,  and we are eager to help you get there. We just need you to reach out so we can begin.

Help For Addiction Is Available In All Areas Of Warrington!

We help those who want to break free of the cycle of addiction, no matter where in the city they live. You could be in the poorest area, the richest area, or even the most rural area, and we won’t judge you. We know exactly what it is like to get off drink or stop taking drugs because our founder, and the reason we exist, went through it himself. We won’t judge you. All we want is to extend a hand to help you up.

We help those from:

  • Burtonwood
  • Croft
  • Cuerdley
  • Golborne
  • Grappenhall
  • Great Sankey
  • Haydock
  • Houghton Middleton & Arbury
  • Kenyon
  • Latchford
  • Latchford Without
  • Little Sankey
  • Newton-in-Makerfield
  • Penketh
  • Thelwall
  • Warrington
  • Winwick
  • Winwick-with-Hume
  • Woolston

Although we also cover all the areas in between. So if you live in or around the Warrington Borough, we want to help you break free of drink or drug abuse. Contact us now to get started, on 0203 955 7700. We are ready to help and waiting for you to make the first move to sobriety.

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Nicholas Conn

Nicholas Conn is a leading industry addiction expert who runs the UK’s largest addiction advisory service and is regularly featured in the national press, radio and TV. He is the founder and CEO of a drug and alcohol rehab center called Help4addiction, which was founded in 2015. He has been clean himself since 2009 and has worked in the Addiction and Rehab Industry for over a decade. Nick is dedicated to helping others recover and get treatment for drug and alcohol abuse. In 2013, he released a book ‘The Thin White’ line that is available on Amazon.

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