Holiday Drink Driving and How to Stay Safe

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Holiday Drink Driving and How to Stay Safe
Do you drink and drive? It might surprise you to know that could be an indicator of an alcohol addiction. Here is what you can do to prevent drink driving over the holidays and stay safe on the roads this December. 
Christmas drink driving is a real problem here in the UK. That drink driving issue stretches on through new year, too. In this period the police arrest more drunk drivers than during any other time of the year. Something about the holiday season, being off work, and visiting family members, makes people likelier to use drugs or alcohol before they get behind the wheel. 

Drink Driving and Alcohol Addiction

Although a one off drink driving situation doesn’t mean that you have an alcohol addiction, you have to understand that someone without a relationship with alcohol would not even consider getting behind the wheel after a drink. The fact that you think you can pull it off in the first place should set alarm bells ringing.  There are nearly 30,000 convictions per year in the UK for drink driving. If you do not want to become part of that statistic, hire a taxi and leave the car behind. 

How long do I wait before I can safely drive after drinking?

The rate alcohol leaves your blood stream is roughly one unit per hour. If you stop drinking early and only have 3 pints, you should be OK to drink at 7.30 am the next day. If you have an extra pint at 10pm, however, that will mean you can’t drive until 10 am. You can use the Morning After website to calculate how many units you drank. You should also record your drinking in an alcohol drinks journal if you are worried that you drink too much. 

Drug Driving and Drug Addiction

After the introduction of drug testing at the side of the road in 2021, drug driving statistics increased by 54%. The emergence from lockdown shows UK officials that dangerous driving was on the rise. The quiet roads of Covid must have eased Britain into a false sense of security. During the same period there were 208+ thousand cases of speeding. There were 21,411 cases of drug driving. These record highs prove that the UK still has a dangerous relationship with drugs and alcohol. If you feel you have an addiction which means you can only drive under the influence, it is time to get help. Contact our skilled rehab selection service to find a rehab clinic which can help you. Our team of experts are happy to listen, and happier to help you quit. 

What are the penalties for drink/drug driving?

Both drink driving and drug driving carry similar penalties here in the UK. If you are caught under the influence and behind the wheel, you could face 6 months in prison, a driving ban of one year or more, and an unlimited fine determined by your judge. Drink and drug driving at Christmas simply is not worth the risk. This will push your insurance premiums through the roof if you have an accident, too.

Tips on Getting Home Safe

There are things you can do to make sure you get home safe without getting behind the wheel while you are intoxicated. For a start, making sure one of your party is the designated driver means that the group can get home safe. You should make a rule with yourself that you don’t drive if you have even one drink, smoke, or pill. Hire a taxi before you go out, travel by bus or train, or trust a designated driver to prevent you drink driving. Tips on getting home safe when drunk include:
  • Nominate a designated driver
  • Hire a taxi
  • Ask a friend to pick you up
  • Use a train or bus
  • Call an Uber
  • Switch alcohol for non-alcoholic drinks

Where to get Help for Addictions During Christmas?

You can get help for your addiction right here with Help4Addiction. We can talk you through the process of finding help which matches your needs, based on your circumstances. Our specialist team will ask you a series of rehab questions to help narrows down the choices in recovery from alcohol options near you. By finding the best option specific to you, you increase the chances of a successful rehab recovery.  Call 0203 955 7700 today to speak to our expert rehab selection helpline. We can give you the advice you need to get off drugs or alcohol. The next step is up to you.

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