How Long Should You Book into Rehab For?

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How Long Should You Book into Rehab For?
If you have never been to rehab before, how do you know how long recovery will take?
When faced with the decision of which is the best rehab clinic for you, part of the decision will incorporate how long it is likely to take for you to recover. We could tell you that different people will take different lengths of time to recover from addiction, but you already know that. Instead, let us examine factors that influence your recovery and talk about the rehab times you might need.

Recovery Time is Unique to Your Addiction

There are several factors that affect your own recovery time. Below are the factors that lead you to a longer recovery time, explained.

The Substance you are Addicted to Affect Recovery Time

The first is what you were addicted to. A cannabis addiction has less harmful long term affects on your body than an amphetamine addiction, for example. However, that is not the only thing at play.

The Length of your Addiction

The length of time you have been addicted for plays a massive role in your recovery time. Someone who has been addicted to alcohol for 10 years will take far longer to fully recover than someone who has only been addicted to alcohol for 2 years.

How often you Used

Next, consider the frequency of use. Those who drank said alcohol every day, all day, for 2 years, might take longer to recover than those that drank 5 units at night every night for 2 years. Frequency of use refers to whether you are a light or heavy drinker/drug user. 

Other Factors impacting Recovery from Addiction

There are a few other factors which play a less meaningful role, but still contribute to your recovery time. You might have a fast metabolism and get through detox quicker as a result. You might be in your 20’s, which means you heal faster than someone in their 50’s.  You may even have a genetic predisposition towards drug or alcohol use, which hinders your attempts at recovery. This is what the phrase ‘addictive personality’ truly means. If your ancestors are addicts, you are more likely to be one. Similarly, if you grow up in a household where drugs or alcohol use is normal, you will struggle to quit using more than someone who has not been. Now that we can identify the factors which impact the length of recovery time, let us look at the standard time periods and see which rehab recovery time is for you. 

Standard Rehab times

We often see clients that want to go to rehab for a 7 day plus detox plan, 14 days plus detox, or 28 days plus detox. Let us break that down.

The 7 Day Plus Detox Plan

If you go to rehab for 7 days, it is enough to interrupt a budding addiction. Even a mild addiction can take longer than the 7 day period to treat. However, it is a good start. It will give you the therapy and tools needed to combat any brewing trouble you might have. Detox will take longer than 7 days if you suffer a serious, long term addiction, so this program will not be enough.

The 14 Day Plus Detox Plan

Next, if you have a mild addiction, or a long term addiction with infrequent use, a 14 day detox and rehab may be enough for you. This course will allow you a few days to let the drugs/alcohol leave your system, while still giving you a solid week of therapy. If you are short on funds, the 14 day rehab option is enough to give you a good start, then you could potentially switch to dayhab options from then on in. 

The 28 Day Plus Detox Plan

Lastly, you can book into rehab for a 28 day stay with detox incorporated. This plan aims to help the people who have been addicts for a long time, or who heavily abused their substance. This plan gives you plenty of time for an anticipated lengthy detox period, then gives you the full months’ worth of therapy, too. The 28 day detox plan will make sure you are equipped to tackle a mild or moderate addiction.

Extra Recovery Time

Do not think that rehab will completely cure you. Even after you have finished, you may find that you sill need recovery time. There will be a transitory period between leaving rehab and getting back to your life that can take a long time. After you settle, you might still feel cravings for years to come, although with proper treatment, they should not come with additional withdrawal symptoms. At Help4Addiction, we can help you find treatment for a wide range of addictions - from heroin addiction or cocaine addiction to alcohol addiction.

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