How to Get Help for a Drug Addiction?

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How to Get Help for a Drug Addiction?
If you or someone you love is suffering from a drug addiction, it is never too late to reach out for help. Drug addictions are horrendous, but you can fight back. Especially if you have the correct tools at your disposal. 
Fighting against any addiction is tough, but drugs can be particularly tricky to beat. There are many types of drug addictions, with some so complex that you need to use other types of drugs to break away from the original addiction. Whether you want to go into rehab for a drug addiction or an alcohol addiction, the premise is the same. Detox and rehab are the best treatments and you best chance of getting free. 

Specialist Rehab Selection Help for Drug Addiction in the UK

There is help out there for those suffering a drug addiction. If you want to stop taking drugs, call us now on 0203 955 7700. Help4Addiction are a skilled rehab selection service in England who can help you find a detox and rehab clinic. We match you with a clinic based on the answers you give to our questions, which are tailored towards finding exactly the best rehab to match your personality. Quitting is possible with H4A.

What is a Drug Addiction?

What is a drug addiction and how can you tell if you have one? Drug addictions rely on your substance use to take root in your system. You may be offered a party drug such as cocaine one Saturday night with your friends. If you choose to take it, the next time you are offered cocaine, you won’t think so hard before you use it.  A few Saturdays may go past before you decide you could use it on a Friday night, as well. You find your own supplier and you start buying as much as you like. When a few weeks of this passes, you will start to buy more and more cocaine because you want to achieve the same high that you got that first time. You build a tolerance to the drug, so you need more and more of it to feel normal at the weekends. The use might spread to weekdays subtly. You will start to crave it.  There will come a weekend when you cannot go without the cocaine, or when you cannot say no to it any longer. You seek more and more of it and the cycle repeats. You will spend all of your money on drugs, have no disposable income, and damage your health. The health damage depends on which drug you are addicted to. 

Types of Addictive Drugs

There are several types of addictive drugs out there that can do this to you, it’s not just cocaine. Here at Help4Addiction, we routinely speak with clients seeking rehab for different varieties of substance misuse.  Common types of drug addiction in the UK include:
  • Cocaine can affect your heart and deteriorates the nasal passages.
  • The tobacco in cannabis can affect lung health and give you respiratory diseases such as COPD.
  • Heroin is the most addictive drug, alongside prescription opioids. These drugs are statistically the most likely to kill you.
  • Amphetamine addiction can affect your heart and CNS.
  • Crack addiction is similar to cocaine addiction but with the added pressure of either smoking or intravenous use.
  • Crystal Meth creates sores on the skin and leads to infection.
  • GHB addiction leaves you suggestible and vulnerable to other’s intentions.
  • Ketamine addiction causes panic attacks and depression.
  • Steroid addiction can make you unable to perform sexually.
  • Prescription drugs can cause a range of issues that can kill, depending on the drug.
  • Mephedrone causes damage to your CNS and heart
None of these drugs were designed with regular use in mind. Overdoses can kill. Seek help through drug addiction rehab before it becomes too late.

Drug Addiction FAQS

Below, we attempted to answer some of your commonly asked questions regarding drug addiction.

Is it Easy to get rid of a Drug Addiction?

It is not easy to get rid of a drug addiction but that does not mean that you shouldn’t try. A drug addiction will impact your health for the worse over time. Finding a rehab clinic near you can help you detox and then recover. 

Is a Drug Addiction a Disability?

Technically a drug addiction is an illness and should be treated as such. Those who have a drug addiction cannot just stop taking it, nor should they. This could cause untold damage. Rehab clinics for drug addiction guide you smoothly away from drug use, without any shocks to the system. 

Can you get Benefits for a Drug Addiction?

The UK Government treats drug addiction in the same way that it treats mental illness. If your addiction is so awful that it impacts your ability to live a normal life, or that it makes it impossible for you to get around, eat, sleep, or look after yourself, then you may qualify for the PIP benefit. You can see the UK gov website for more information.

Can you be Sectioned for Drug abuse?

Even though the UK government classes drug abuse as the same type of illness as mental illness, you cannot be sectioned for having an addiction. If you have co-occurring disorders such as cannabis addiction with severe depression, your doctor can section you. Sectioning relates to the mental illness, not to drug addiction.

How do you Start Treatment for Drug Addiction?

Starting treatment for a drug addiction is easy. See your GP for advice and inquire about NHS rehab clinics if you cannot afford a private residential rehab clinic. These options are available to everyone living in the UK and represent the best way to get off drugs. You should call Help4Addiction as the next step to taking control. We can refer you to rehab clinics in your area, finding the best one to match your needs. When we match your specifications that way, we give you the best possible chance at recovering from your addiction. Call 0203 955 7700 today for more information.

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