New Year, New You? How to Stop Drinking This January

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New Year, New You? How to Stop Drinking This January
Is your New Year's resolution to quit drinking? Here's some helpful advice on having a dry January.
New Year's resolutions are hard to keep. Most of us only keep them for a week or two before we give up. Some of us don't even last that long. If you have decided that you want to quit drinking this year, then this article is aimed at you. However, you could still use the information contained within to help you stop using drugs as well.

Where To Get Help To Quit Drinking Or Using Drugs?

We are Help4Addiction and we run an advice service for those that want to quit being an addict. We help anyone with an addiction, regardless of what that addiction is. Our service exists primarily to find you the best rehab clinic for you, but we also extend our services to those who are in the throes of addiction and who need extra support to recover. You can even call us if you want to have a chat about someone you love who is suffering from an addiction and you're not sure what to do next. Our number is 0203 955 7700.

How To Stop Drinking This January?

Here are some top tips on how you can stay dry this January. Whether it is your New Year's resolution or your new life goal; you can stop using drugs or alcohol. Here are some tips that will help you along the way.

Consider rehab

Our first tip is that you consider going to a rehab clinic to help you quit drinking or using drugs. You don't have to stay for a full 28 day treatment, but you could interrupt a potential drug addiction by pre-emptively opting for a seven day rehab and detox period. Seven days could be all it takes to make yourself feel better and to get a grip on the addiction. Ignore the stigma. Rehab isn't just for people who are beyond help. In fact, if more of us used rehab early on in our addiction cycles, less of us would be addicts today.

Prepare for temptation

Following New Year, there is always lots of alcohol and your cupboards which needs to be used up. The tradition of giving a bottle at Christmas time is not lost yet. However, if you're trying to have a dry January, you don't want these bottles to be constantly tempting you. Remove them from sight. Out of sight, out of mind. You can dig them out again in February if you feel like you have got a good grip on your brewing addiction.

Think about friend groups

We all have different groups of friends. The people that you would go out hiking with aren't necessarily the same people that you would go out to the club drinking with. If you have specific drinking buddies, call them up and make them aware of what you're trying to do and tell them that you will see them again in the future. Avoid them for the rest of the month. You never know, you might make more solid relationships with them away from the clubs and pubs.

Consider situations

Many of us turn to drink or drugs because we are stressed. So, part of making an active and full recovery in rehab scenarios is to learn the things that stress you out. We call these stressors triggers. If we want to make a full recovery from a potential alcohol addiction, then we want to avoid our triggers as much as we can. Avoiding the things that stress us out means we are less likely to turn to drink or drugs as a solution. Careful consideration of potential situations which make you stressed out could result in you having less triggers. Consider this example. You have an uncle that always comes to stay with you at New Year, but who really gets under your skin. You're struggling with an alcohol addiction and this uncle makes you want to drink. Just don't invite him. Tell him to go somewhere else this year. Explain the situation and tell him that you need to avoid any stress in your life. If he still comes to visit you, you don't have to stay. It's your house and you're entitled to leave it at any time you like.

Further Advice And Help For Addiction During The Festive Period

We are always available and we now offer a free call back service 24/7. All you must do is enter your number on our site and we will reach out to you. We offer free consultations about alcohol addiction and drug addiction in the UK. Together we can help you find a solution that works for you.

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