Rehab Clinic in Bradford Yorshire

Rehab Clinic Bradford Yorkshire
Rehab Clinic Bradford Yorkshire

The Bradford clinic was purpose built just over 15 years ago. The 17-bedded detox unit is equipped to accommodate people with limited mobility and wheelchair users who can self-care and can make provision for some additional personal care needs. It provides a safe, supportive environment, where clients can complete a physical withdrawal from drugs and/ or alcohol, or stabilise their use safely with medical support and within a specialist treatment setting.

The detox programme addresses the whole person – body, mind and spirit. A medically managed detoxification or stabilisation is supplemented by a wealth of group and individual sessions and talks to help provide maximum long-term benefit. Complementary therapies are also available and include guided relaxation and exercise.

The centre is situated close to the city centre of Bradford, easily reached on foot, by car and public transport and being only five minutes’ drive from the motorway.

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