Rehab Clinic in Liverpool

Rehab Clinic Liverpool
Rehab Clinic Liverpool

The Liverpool rehab clinic is quite unique in offering two treatment programmes allowing for tailored treatment and client choice. A 12 step programme and strengths programme are both delivered within the therapeutic environment. The centre provides primary and secondary treatment

We have created a residential rehabilitation centre offering a range of treatment options. Our service provides a safe environment, with tailored treatment programmes for people to recover. Our unique programme means that we can provide bespoke treatment and care dependent on a person’s needs.

Oasis Communities have a Rehab Recovery choice for everyone. And by utilising evidence based treatment interventions clients are able to choose the philosophy that best matches their own belief system.

From Therapeutic Community, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) through to 12 step programmes. Oasis Communities offer proven, evidence based programmes, delivered by highly qualified and professional team of counsellors, many of whom are in recovery.

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