Rehab Clinic Somerset

Rehab Clinic Somerset
Rehab Clinic Somerset

A 45 bed treatment facility spread across the grounds of the main campus on the outskirts of Weston-super-Mare. Established in 1974 this centre was the first of its kind in the UK to offer 12 step based treatment, and has grown to become one of the countries leading specialist residential treatment centres for addictions.
The length of the treatment for most patients will be 12 weeks although flexible care packages are available depending on need. For those requiring medical detoxification, this can be provided as a separate phase of treatment in our dedicated detoxification unit, or as an integral part of the rehabilitation programme.

The goal of treatment is abstinence and in support of this, patients are provided with the insight, awareness and tools to help them lead more productive and fulfilled lives. The treatment programme is delivered by trained and experienced staff and involves individual and group therapy workshops, lectures, assignments, and a range of leisure and relaxation focused activities. In addition, 24 hour nursing cover is provided to ensure medical care and support is available for those who many at times require it.

Rehab Clinic Somerset
Rehab Clinic Somerset

A 10 bed addiction treatment centre for men in Somerset. The centre is situated in small village close to Bristol and 4 miles from Bristol International Airport.

A single stage, recovery focused, abstinence based programme with a focus on the 12 Steps of AA/NA Fellowship is available for all types of addiction including drugs and alcohol.

Flexible treatment duration from 6-24 weeks is offered.

Clients are required to have detoxed prior to admission.

As the client progresses through treatment the focus of their treatment will shift from intensive therapy towards independent living, education and life skills.

Clients having identified their triggers will develop robust coping mechanisms.

Budgeting, literacy and IT Skills are developed and there is increased focus on improving social skills and learning to enjoy life without substances, important for sustaining recovery.

Set in a rural location, relationships with local organisations offer access to activities that develop life, leisure and employment skills.

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