Rehab Clinic Wales

Rehab Clinic North Wales
Rehab Clinic North Wales

This facility is is a 14 bed treatment facility offering abstinence-based treatment exclusively for women.

By combining the highest standards of care with the family-friendly feel of a small community unit, the centre has quickly established itself with a reputation for delivery of effective treatment and quality care.

In providing a ‘women only’ treatment service, offers women the space and freedom to focus on their treatment and recovery needs without the distraction, attentions and competition that they might experience in mixed gender settings.

This provides the opportunity for residents to reflect on patterns of behaviour in past relationships and to build self-worth, confidence and skills to help them develop healthier ones in the future.

The treatment programme is 12 Step based with abstinence as its goal. This in combination with a well rounded and comprehensive programme of therapeutic and social activities helps service users to establish a firm foundation to their recovery. At the beginning of their treatment, each person will be assessed individually to identify their specific needs and care plans tailor-made to support them in working towards meeting these needs.

The length of individual treatment programmes is flexible, but in most cases will be 12 weeks. However, time in the treatment clinic will be dependent on the individual and their progress through treatment.

Rehab Clinic South Wales
Rehab Clinic South Wales

The treatment programme is delivered by our team of qualified and experienced counsellors. In addition to their professional qualifications most of our therapists have personal experience of addiction and the recovery process. The result is that the counselling provided is not only of a very high quality, it is delivered with a passion for recovery that is infectious.

Using the twelve steps as a framework, a variety of proven therapeutic approaches are used to lay the foundations for a lifelong recovery process. The programme is delivered at the Day Centre. Our residential properties are a short distance away. Our large, comfortable houses are staffed and monitored at all times and offer a safe, supervised environment in which to relax and concentrate on getting well. Clients experience a more realistic lifestyle than they might in a larger, more institutionalised centre. They enjoy many opportunities to develop and practice their sober living skills in a relaxed, domestic setting whilst remaining under the care of our team of House Managers.

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