Rehab in Hertfordshire

Hertfordshire is a great county offering an eclectic variety in things to do and see. It ranges from attractions such as the Harry Potter (Warner Brother) Studios, St Albans Cathedral, Verulamium Park, Paradise Wildlife Park and so much more.


Hertfordshire comprises of many towns but has 7 main areas such as:

  • Letchworth
  • Stevenage
  • Welwyn Garden City
  • Hatfield
  • Hemel Hempstead
  • Watford
  • St Albans


Alcohol abuse and Drug addiction facts in Hertfordshire


The county has a rough population of 1,250.000 that reside in an area of approximately 640 square miles.

According to Public Health, alcohol abuse is very high in Hertfordshire. There are around 145,000 binge drinkers, 240,000 residents that drink above the lower risk levels regularly and approximately 15,000 that fell victims of a crime that was alcohol induced.

Alcohol addiction in Hertfordshire will cause around 25,000 people to end up in hospital this year.

Certain drugs seem to be more up and coming within Hertfordshire and these are alcohol addiction, cocaine addiction, cannabis addiction, heroin addiction, crack addiction, methamphetamine addiction, methadone, Ketamine, GHB and the list goes on.

Watford in Hertfordshire is a big source as to where a lot of drug taking and alcohol abuse starts. It hosts a wide variety of night clubs and bars and has a buzzing nightlife scene. Binge drinking in Watford is a common occurrence and the bars and clubs hold a variety of promotions to encourage the ‘night lifers’ to come and party all days of the week.


What help is available for addiction in Hertfordshire?


Depending on what substance someone is using depends on what treatment is required.

If someone is an alcoholic and suffering with withdrawals such as shaking, sweating, DT’s lack of appetite, then a medical detox will be required. There are other substances that can also require a detox such as heroin, methadone and prescription drugs such tramadol, benzodiazepines, fentanyl, oxymorphone, diazepam, Valium and so on.


An alcohol detox can typically take 7-10 days to complete in a residential rehab. Generally, someone drinking 1 litre of vodka, whisky or even perhaps 3 bottles of wine per day could be looking at minimum of 10 days and those drinking under that may be able to get it done within 7 days, but we always encourage people to not rush as the rehab will always want to make sure you are comfortable and safe always. If you are using heroin you may be looking at around 2 weeks depending on the amount that you are using but if methadone is also involved this could take anywhere from 1 – 3 months.

Detoxing someone off a substance is not enough by itself. There is commonly an underlying issue or even several that cause someone to abuse or become addicted to a substance. This can be anxiety, depression, sexual abuse, trauma, bereavement, self-esteem and so on.


Help 4 Addiction has selected the best choice of rehab clinics in Hertfordshire ranging from detox and rehab centres in Watford, addiction clinics in Hemel Hempstead, detox units near St Albans, rehab for drugs near Letchworth. We have over 38 residential rehabs in London and across Hertfordshire so matching you up with the most affordable clinic that offers the best psychological treatment is what we will assist with.


Having a detox alone is not enough. It is important to also look to address the underlining issues that perhaps may have triggered off your addiction. Many people have no idea why they do it, they know that if they have one drink that they find it hard to stop.

A rehab will use a multiple of therapies to treat addiction such as CBT, DBT, Mindfulness, group therapy, one to one therapy, Motivational Interviewing, Relapse prevention, integrative/holistic approaches, interventions, 12 step therapies and the list goes on.

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