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Your questions about 28-day rehab programs were answered.

Are you suffering from an addiction and you feel it’s time to do something about it? Then our 28-day treatment plan rehab options might be for you.
We know the many choices in rehab clinics can be confusing, so we put together this guide to 28-day rehab programs. Have a scroll through and remember you can contact us at any time if you are ready to get help. Call 0203 955 7700 to reach our trusted advisors and chat about your addiction.

How Does 28 Day Rehab Treatment Work?

The 28-day treatment program is our top-rated product, the one used by most of our clientele. This program gives you enough time to go deep down into your addiction problems, aiding your transition from detox into recovery. That 28-day time limit allows intensive therapies to take effect, letting you get to the bottom of any addiction you may have.

The 28-day treatment plan for addicts works by allowing you to develop a treatment plan with your doctor that has been tailored specifically to your needs. You will then book into the private residential rehab clinic, or the outpatient day hab clinic on a day you both agree on. After this, the detox process starts and you use the therapies and activities in the rehab clinic to keep your mind off your cravings and manage your symptoms.

When you are discharged you can take advantage of the aftercare programs your rehab clinic offer. This may mean continuing 12 steps group sessions, online support, or telephone aid.

Personalised Support For Your Recovery

We provide personalised support and resources for addiction recovery. Take the first step towards a brighter future today.

Do you get 28 day rehab for addiction as an inpatient or as an outpatient?

Both inpatient care and outpatient rehab services contain the same ingredients to contribute to your success. Often, outpatient care will go on for longer since it is seen as part-time. Inpatient treatment can take place all in one lump, such as it would be if you decided to spend your 28-day treatment program at a full-time residential facility where you move in. Outpatient treatment is often favoured by those who have family commitments, or who cannot get the time off work to attend for the full month. Inpatient alcohol rehabilitation tends to suit those that have trouble breaking old habits.

Developing your Treatment Plan

Treatment plans[ii] for addiction are designed by your doctor and include ways to get you off drugs or alcohol.

Detox Stages

Detox is the process of freeing your system from the toxins that have plagued it for so long. When you become hooked on drugs your system must adapt to process those chemicals daily. Your whole central nervous system will adapt to this, making you dependent on the substance. This is what we mean by being ‘alcohol dependent’ or drug dependent.

Alcohol detox and drug detox are two different things, although the methods used to go through them are often similar. If you are addicted to alcohol, your detox will give you symptoms of intense withdrawal for anything up to 5 days. If you are addicted to a Class A drug or intensive prescription medication, then you can be suffering for anything up to a fortnight and continue to need treatment after the 28 days have passed[iii]. You might be able to get a home detox kit for alcoholism – but for heavy drug misuse, you will likely need to detox as an inpatient.

What happens in 28 day rehab?

Your rehab clinic will put you through 1-2-1 therapies with a qualified therapist or counsellor while you stay with them. There will be group therapy sessions and numerous therapy techniques to help you self-manage your addiction when you leave rehab.

In the afternoons you will join fun activities that either relax you or give you exercise. There will be the opportunity to complete educational workshops that benefit your future. There may be further therapy sessions. The aim is to keep you busy and therefore keep your mind on substances.

Secondary Treatment

After the 28 day point, you will receive an analysis or report from your centre, advising you what to do next. It may be that you need to do a few years of aftercare, where you have online[iv], telephone or therapy support.

Why 28 days?

If you are an inpatient, the 28-day mark[v] means you have had almost a full month’s worth of daily psychiatry or therapy sessions. It will mean you have met with your group at least 12 times, and that you will have spent enough time apart from your substance misuse that it is no longer a daily habit.

28 days in rehab is considered the ‘sweet spot’ for many. If it’s not enough for you then don’t feel ashamed. Everyone suffers a different addiction and recovery.

Does 28 days in Rehab work?

Scientifically speaking the 28 days is said to hold no significance. Long term rehab care for addictions has shown to perform better in clinical studies, but these studies are typically for 6 months of care or more. Further studies[vi] have shown there is a correlation between the length of time spent in rehab clinics and the success rate of the treatments.

Do you have to stay in rehab for 28 days?

No, you can cut your stay short if you want to. You can even opt for 7 day or 14-day rehab treatment programs. If you want to, you can extend your stay or come back a few weeks after.

Can you stay in rehab for longer than 28 days?

Yes, some people consistently return to rehab for many months until they successfully fight their addiction. A 28-day program gives you a firm foundation to build on with future work. It may be that your genetics mean you need anything up to 90 days in rehab, which is nothing to be ashamed of[vii].

NHS Assisted, Private or Luxury Rehab?

There are three main types of inpatient 28-day rehab programs. One is NHS assisted and will take place in a private clinic that is partially subsidised. The next is a private rehab clinic, the last is a luxury rehab clinic. Don’t forget you can go today hab, too. Each level of care will give you the best treatment possible, it is only the luxury of the surroundings that change.

28 day Alcohol Rehab Stays

A 28-day alcohol rehab program will allow you to get off alcohol and learn how to stay off it. You will detox from alcohol safely, either at home or in the clinic. You will be taught the risks of excessive alcoholism, be given counselling to help you through it, and will go through alcohol rehab in a way that suits you.

28 day Drug Rehab Stays

28-day drug rehab programs allow you to eliminate substance abuse from your life, once and for all. 28 days is enough to combat mild drug addictions permanently and gives you a great start on tackling more serious addictions, too.

Pros and Cons of 28 Day Rehab Stays

To sum up and help you decide, here are the quick pros and cons of 28-day rehab programs.

The Pros:

The Cons:

Free Consultations about Rehab for you

We offer free consultations for drug and alcohol addiction, aimed at helping you find a 28-day rehab program that works for you. Contact us on the link at the top of the page for your free consultation.

Where can I get Help for my Addiction?

Whether you want to learn how to stop drinking alcohol, or whether you are in the grips of drug addiction, contacting Help4Addiction is one of the best moves you can make. We can connect you with a rehab service near you that will get you a place on a 28-day treatment program.

Frequently asked questions

Residential rehab prices start from a budget NHS assisted price of £1,400 per week. Luxury rehab can cost tens of thousands

In clinical studies[i] across three nations and from varying levels of rehab care, 68-71% of all patients remained abstinent from substance abuse after a 6 month of rehab help. 28 days plus rehab aftercare for 6 months is enough to give you as good a start as possible. It’s not a 100% surety but it is a better chance than you have on your own.

28 days of rehab might be enough for you, it might not. If your addiction is mild or if your metabolism is particularly fast, 28 days should be enough. If not, 28 days is enough to get a good grip on understanding your condition. From your completion of a 28 day rehab course, you could go on to complete a further 28 days, or use a good aftercare program to get you back to normal..

During 28 days in inpatient rehab, you may need to share a room. You may have to cook, but likely you will be given a meal plan if you need one. You will spend about a week going through detox, then spend the remainder of the time completing educational workshops that will help you rebuild your life, taking part in daily exercise, going to group therapy sessions, spending time in psychotherapy with a therapist, and learning how to cope with cravings on your own.
During 28 days in rehab you will go through detox, spend time in therapy, exercise daily and eat healthily. Your family can visit you and you are free to leave at any time. During outpatient rehab, you can spend the evenings with your loved ones and seek treatment through the day.

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