How To Choose A Rehab Centre

Choosing which rehab centre is going to be the best for you is a difficult decision. There are so many choices and different programmes that it can be hard to know what to base your decisions on.

8 Top tips on what to consider when choosing a rehab centre

  1. Check out the staff and their qualifications

Make sure that the centre has fully qualified medical staff and specialist counsellors. Look at individual areas of expertise to see if there is someone who specialises in any particular needs you may have.

  1. Does the centre have the necessary accreditation’s?

All treatment centres in the UK should be fully registered and inspected by the Quality Care Commission or Health Improvement Scotland. You should be able to get copies of any inspection reports.

  1. Does the treatment suit you?

Make sure you understand exactly what the treatment programme involves, as there are many different treatments available.

  1. How effective are their treatments?

Rehab clinics should monitor how effective their treatments are being by allowing an external agency to follow up on their patients and publish statistics on their success rates.

  1. Ratio of patients to staff

Ask what the ratio of patients to care giving staff is and what percentage are rehabilitation specialists. When are they available and will the patient be given a dedicated person to manage their rehabilitation?

  1. Customer satisfaction

Do they ask their previous patients whether they have been satisfied with the service? Can they give you referees to call?

  1. What is the after-care support like?

Make sure that once you have been discharged, you will not be left to manage alone. If they do not have the support in place, do they refer you to other organisations?

  1. Personal considerations

By this we mean the location, cost, and any additional facilities offered. Make sure that what they are offering is suitable for your needs and finances. How often can your friends and family visit?

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