Does Rehab Work?

Why do we so often hear about celebrities who spend their whole lives in and out of rehab? Does it not beg the question, “Does rehab work?”does rehab work

Does Rehab Work? The Truth

The truth is that there are many different factors at play and you will find plenty of debates online as to whether rehab is beneficial or not. Giving up drinking for good is the goal of rehab and this is how its success or failure is often measured but what is not always taken in to consideration is what happens after rehab.

Many studies on the subject have shown that the most effective treatment is a combination approach, including an intensive inpatient stay with medication and counselling, followed by outpatient support and this can sometimes last months or years.

It is about providing you with the support you need to help you change lifelong habits that have led to your drinking, into new lifestyle and behaviours which will support your abstinence. This is why we believe that finding the right rehab for you, is ultimately the key to its success or failure.

It is true that you have to be ready for recovery. You have to want to give up otherwise no amount of rehab treatment will help. You may go through the programme, but if you are not truly behind the process, you will be far more likely to relapse.

But given that there are also lots of different styles of rehab treatment, it will be important to find the right one that will not only fit in with your lifestyle and finances, but also your personal beliefs and goals.

Alcoholism is a powerful addiction and difficult to overcome. You will greatly increase your chances of success if you have the right support in place.

The simple answer to the question “Does rehab work?” is “Yes”. Rehab does work but one size does not fit all. You will need a programme specifically designed and tailored to your needs and circumstances to give you the greatest possible chance of success.

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