How Long Does Rehab Take?

The answer to the question “How long does rehab take?” is that it varies.  The amount of time needed will differ from person to person, depending on the severity of your addiction, but typically a stay in a rehab facility will be anything from a week to 90 days. does rehab take long

However, when people talk about rehab, they are often referring to the stay as an in-patient in a rehabilitation clinic, but the term rehab could also refer more generally to the complete programme which includes after care support and this will usually go on for much longer than 90 days.

It is widely accepted that the longer your rehabilitation programme, the higher your chances of success, but it also depends on the level of your addiction and how dependent you have become on alcohol.

Typically the process of rehabilitation goes through stages and the time it takes each person to get through each stage will vary from person to person. For someone who is heavily dependent on alcohol the detox stage may take up to two weeks whereas for those less dependent, the symptoms may be milder and shorter lived.

How Long Should You Stay in Rehab?

Deciding how long you should stay in a rehab centre will be influenced by a number of different factors.

  1. How much has your addiction taken over your life? Are you still working? Would you be able to get time off work or do you have to manage it around your job?
  2. What can you afford? A 90 day stay in a rehab facility will not be within everyone’s reach financially.
  3. The severity of your addiction.

When you first enter rehab, you will have a personalised rehabilitation programme drawn up by a specialist, who will discuss your personal circumstances and learn about your addiction. They will then be able to create a programme that will work for you.

There are many different ways to manage your rehabilitation, which could be for example a stay as an inpatient for two weeks while you detox and then a programme of out-patient treatment for thirty, sixty or ninety days including sessions with an addiction counsellor and support group meetings.

For many people to completely overcome an addiction, the support they require could extend to a year or more. Breaking an addiction is not just about quitting, but it is also important to implement the changes you have made in to your everyday life. Ongoing support once you have left rehab is crucial to ensure your lasting abstinence and this will come from medical staff as well as friends and family.

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