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As the mind and body tries to free itself from addiction, the road to recovery can be arduous. Relaxation plays a key role when trying to overcome an addiction, and encourages a positive response to alcohol detox plans and cocaine treatment.

luxury rehabThere are several rehabs in the UK which cater to clients searching for a more luxurious experience. A luxury rehab will still use similar therapies and treatments offered by standard clinics, they just offer a wider range of amenities which contribute to the overall experience.

Although they will run similar programmes regarding the recovery process, the luxury rehabs are able to offer the very top end, best of the best counsellors and specialists. They will also offer several hours of one to one therapy each week, which might not necessarily be offered at a standard clinic.

This then leads us on to the general patient to staff ratio. The standard clinics cannot have more staff on site due to funding. This means that the staff at the luxury rehabs can get to know the patients better, and are able to modify recovery methods to each individual’s needs. Their treatment plans tend to be more personalised because of this extra attention they are given.

At most luxury rehabs, there will be exercise facilities, such as gyms, swimming pools and spas. Certain places will offer mind focusing exercise classes such as yoga, tai chi and meditation. These exercises help with relaxation and stress relief, and can often play a big role in how effective their treatment is.


rehab in luxuryPrivate rooms and bathrooms ensure a safe, secure, personal environment. This personal comfort might seem unimportant to some, but in many cases, it allows the individual to feel at ease. By feeling more at home, it is likely that they will be more receptive to treatment.

Many luxury rehabs will offer the patients a selection of gourmet food. They will have a chef prepare nourishing meals for them, so as the body rids itself of harmful chemicals, these will be replaced with good, wholesome food.

Luxury rehabs are mostly situated in scenic locations. Beautiful surroundings can offer a comforting atmosphere for the mind and body.

Some rehabs even include horse therapy. The bond and connection between the horse and patient facilitates a level of emotional and psychological therapy.

Even with all these luxuries and spa-like facilities, these rehabilitation centres are not spas. Their aim is still very much to help patients overcome addiction, and are very strict when it comes to treatment. The overall success rate at luxury rehabs tend to be higher and the relapse rate lower.

Although these luxuries may seem a bit extreme to some, research has proven that these facilities play an important role in helping to heal the patients mind and body from addiction. They help teach them how to deal with stressful situations in a healthy, positive way.

There has even been talk of a rehab opening on a desert island, full of nature, for the rich and famous; tranquillity and relaxation at its finest. Could this mean an even higher success rate for those willing to spend a bit more?




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