Private Paying Patients

The lion’s share of Help4Addiction’s patients consist of private paying individuals. The key benefit to paying for your treatment privately is admission speed. You may wish to return to your professional life swiftly and other admission routes will prohibit your ability to return to your life addiction free in a speedy manner, something that is a essential to most working people.

Private paying clients can also expect to receive all their treatment from the same organisation, and from the same locality. NHS patients typically have to deal with mountains of red tape and you must prove that you’ve sought help from community centres before NHS funding will be available to you.

Since private treatment takes place all under the same roof, you can also expect to deal with the same medical staff throughout, ensure you can form a rapport with your therapist. Since most private treatment is residential in nature, you will be deprived of opportunities to slip back into old addiction habits.

Treatment costs are typically all-inclusive, meaning you pay the fee and everything you require comes with no extra-cost. Some centres may charge for additional extras, but all fees will be given upfront upon admission.

What do the costs go towards?

Costs typically go towards:

  • Medical staff supervision throughout your stay
  • Support staffing costs
  • Nursing and prescription medication costs
  • Your board and meals
  • Complimentary and psychological treatment

Private admissions can, unlike other sources of referrals, be arranged within 24 hours. If you are in need of fast rehabilitation so you can continue in your professional role, call without delay on 0330 088 9518.


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