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There’s no denying that drug and alcohol abuse is a problem in the UK – and rehab is widely considered the best treatment option for substance abuse and addiction.

When browsing rehab options, you’ll likely have come across a range of options – for example, residential rehab, outpatient rehab, private rehab, and NHS rehab.

But what exactly is private rehab? What about residential rehab? Read on to learn all about private rehabilitation – specifically private residential rehab – including what it entails, and the benefits of private rehab.

On this page, we’ll also be informing you about what we do here at Help4Addiction, and how we can find the right private rehab centre for you and your addiction – whether it be cocaine addiction, heroin addiction, alcohol addiction, or any other drug.

What Exactly is Private Rehab Addiction Treatment?

Private rehab is a popular alternative to NHS-operated rehabilitation services, often providing more in-depth, personalised support. Typically, private addiction rehab involves residential treatment – also known as inpatient treatment.

This means that you’ll reside in a residential rehab facility throughout your course of treatment, with meals and accommodation provided for you.

You’ll attend treatment sessions in the same place, fully immersing yourself in treatment. With outpatient treatment, however, you’ll reside at home but travel to scheduled rehab sessions.

Private addiction rehab involves detoxification. This is the act of cleansing your body of the substance you’re addicted to, ultimately dealing with the physical alcohol or drug addiction.

Drug and alcohol addictions can be difficult to break, which is why in severe cases, you may be given detox medication. This can help to manage the withdrawal symptoms, helping to prevent relapse.

Private addiction treatment will also include therapy, which can not only improve your mental health but provide you with valuable coping strategies. Whether you receive CBT, counselling, or group therapy, addiction therapy can teach you about yourself and your addiction.

Private rehabs also tend to offer holistic treatment options – for example, art therapy, leisure facilities, as well as mindfulness. You’ll be given the opportunity to recover from addiction in ideal circumstances and in an overall pleasant environment.

Not only will you receive top health-care services, but a comfortable environment and luxury rooms (depending on the clinic of choice). Our experts at Help4Addiction can give you a further understanding of the private rehab clinic process.

The length of time you’ll stay at private residential rehab can vary, but many people opt for longer plans – for example, a 28-day inpatient rehabilitation program.

Check out this page that explains how long rehab can take. Read on to learn more about the differences between NHS rehab and private rehab.

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Private Rehab Treatment vs NHS Rehab

Private rehab isn’t the only option – there are also effective treatment options for NHS patients too. Private rehab generally costs much more than NHS programs – however, if you consider value for money, it’s almost definitely worth the cost.

With rehab, the general rule of thumb is that you get what you pay for. The more you pay, the more luxurious the facilities and overall treatment will be. However, that doesn’t always mean that private rehab is always more effective, as NHS rehab can generate results too.

Waiting lists for NHS treatment can be over a year – meaning that if you want treatment for your addiction quickly, then, unfortunately, NHS treatment is not an option. However, if you’re worried about the rehab cost, speak to us for NHS options.

In both NHS rehab and private rehab, you’ll have access to a range of rehab facilities and treatment options.

However, private rehab may come with more benefits – and NHS rehab is often provided on an outpatient basis. Read on to learn more about the benefits of private rehab treatment.

Benefits of Private Rehab

Now we’ve established what private rehab is and how it differs from NHS-operated rehab, let’s discuss the key benefits of private rehab. Why should you opt for private rehab instead of NHS-operated rehab? Read on to find out.

Shorter Waiting Times

One of the main reasons that people choose private rehab is because private rehab centres usually have much shorter waiting lists.

However, if you sign up for NHS rehab, you’ll likely be put on a very long waiting list due to their immense backlogs. In many cases, you’ll be waiting between six months to a year for NHS rehab.

Although waiting times can still vary for private rehab, you’ll often only be waiting around a week for private rehab treatment – sometimes even shorter.

This is a great choice if you need immediate treatment – after all, why should you wait for months to get the addiction treatment you need?

More Options

Although both NHS and private rehab offer you the support you need to overcome your addiction, private rehab may have more treatment facilities and options available.

If you opt for rehab through NHS services, then chances are, you’ll only be provided with options within your local area.

However, if you choose private rehab, you have a range of options across the whole of the UK, so it’s easier than ever to find the right place that meets your requirements and preferences.

Personalised Treatment

One size does not fit all when it comes to rehab. With private rehab treatment, addiction specialists can come up with a personalised treatment plan that meets your needs.

Typically, a personalised plan will begin with diagnostic testing. This can involve physical exams as well as psychological assessments, so the clinic can gain an understanding of the severity of your addiction and what treatment will work best for you and your addiction.

You’ll be given personalised therapy sessions tailored to your personality, ultimately based on a certain set of criteria. This is because everybody is different – and what works for you may not work for someone else with the same addiction.

How Much Does Private Rehab Cost?

The cost of rehab can vary depending on a range of factors – for example, whether you have private health insurance, the length of your stay, and the facility you choose.

Different rehab centres will have different costs and payment plans available. However, for a 28-day course of intensive rehab, you’re looking at a minimum of £5,000.

Private treatment services are often considered expensive – however, longer-term plans often work out more affordable on a week-by-week basis. It’s also important to note that inpatient rehab/ residential rehab will cost more than outpatient services.

How To Find A Private Rehab Clinic

Finding the right rehab clinic can be difficult, especially as there are so many residential treatment centres and private rehab clinics located across England and Wales. However, at Help4Addiction, we can make it easier for you to choose private rehab options that suit you.

Our team will listen to your requirements, preferences, and your story to find the right place for you to receive rehab treatment.

Our friendly team has all the information you need to help you begin your journey – and can give you the best chance of staying off alcohol and drugs and living the rest of your life in sobriety.

Whether you have a prescription drug addiction, illicit drug addiction, or alcohol addiction, we are here for you.

Contact us today to get in touch with an admissions team and start your recovery journey. After all, nobody should have to live with drug addiction or alcohol addiction alone.

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