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Sometimes just chatting with someone can make a world of difference.

Article by Nicholas Conn 

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If you are feeling like you don’t know where to turn, or you simply need advice or support regarding drink problems – whether for you, a friend or a relative – we are here to help. 

Our team are experts in this field and will listen to your worries and concerns without judgement, whilst also looking at what actions you can take to relieve your fears. We’ll engage in actual conversation and talk with you about what you want to get out of this, rather than just talking at you. After all, this is your life we are talking about – you should never settle for simply being told what to do. So start a chat with us today and let’s TALK.

Can I get more information on Treatments and Prices before I speak to someone?

Yes you can – We have an online consultation you can take or if you are just after prices for rehabs you can use our compare prices tools.

What about my privacy?

Talking about issues such as this is a big thing and can be a massive fear for people to overcome. Often the largest part of that fear is the fear of being judged. Of being ridiculed. Of friends and family finding out and shaming you. But we promise you, this will not happen. Everything and anything you tell us remains between us, and will never be shared or discussed with anyone else. Because that is the only fair way to act. With trust and honesty. The only time we may ever break this cardinal rule is if we have serious and realistic concerns about your safety, or the safety of others. Otherwise, confidentiality is key.

If you are worried about how to maintain your privacy, we recommend the use of “incognito” mode on your web browser, and only using a device that belongs to you and isn’t used by others.

How do I know CHAT is right for me?

Honestly, there is no straight forward answer to this – simply because we talk to such a wide range of people every day! It’s a personal choice. We know from experience that the vast majority of people who get in touch with us leave feeling glad they did so. We provide help and support in a way that promotes trust and honesty between our advisors and you, but we make sure you are always at the centre. Remember, it doesn’t even have to be about you! If you have concerns about a friend or family member who is suffering from drink problems, we can help there too. Just click CHAT and let us know what is bothering you. It’s completely free, so there is nothing to lose. 

There are some areas we can’t help with though, so it is worth noting. For example, we can’t make or amend appointments on your behalf, and we can’t secure a prescription for you. These are things you must do yourself through your local service (such as your GP).

When can we talk?

Our team are online and ready to chat Monday to Friday – 9am to 9pm, and Saturday and Sunday – 10am to 4pm.

Remember though, even if it is outside these hours you can still send us a message. It won’t be ignored. We will get back to you once we are back in the office and able to pick up the message.

Remember – the hardest step is often the first one – reaching out and talking to someone. But ask yourself, is there anything to lose?

No. There isn’t. So click CHAT NOW and let’s see how we can help.

Is there anywhere else that can help me?

Yes – there are lots of excellent organisations out there that can help with a variety of things. We have listed just a few below.

MIND – Help and support with Mental Health

CALM – Help and support for men with depression.

Samaritans – Help and support for anyone at all who is experiencing a difficult time.

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