Detoxification (Detox)

One of the most important stages of drug and alcohol addiction rehabilitation is detox. Detoxification rids the body of any trace of alcohol or drugs. Drug and alcohol detox is most effective when carried out by trained medical detox staff in a safe secure controlled environment.

Withdrawal is the first step of detox. Drug and alcohol withdrawal symptoms vary greatly depending on frequency of use and the substance that was being used. A rapid detox plan is a recommended course of action to minimise withdrawal symptoms and to flush the body of the toxins quickly.

Please remember that the type and length of detoxification can depend on the drug or alcohol being used. Sometimes medication can be prescribed to reduce withdrawal symptoms. Suitable medications can be decreased over a period until you are drug or alcohol free.

There are various therapies for drug and alcohol detox to help with any psychological distress that may be caused whilst undergoing detox.

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