Xanax: What it is, What it Does, and How to Spot It

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Xanax: What it is, What it Does, and How to Spot It

One of the most prescribed medications in the USA has caused an ‘epidemic of addiction’. Could we be in for the same?

We already brought you some news about Xanax in a previous blog post, but now we are concerned with the rate at which it is affecting those prone to addiction in the UK. To refresh our memories though, let’s look at what it is, what it does, and why we should be wary of using it if it is ever offered to us.

What’s Xanax?

If you have lived a sheltered life in the UK, you might not know what this potential party drug is. Xanax is the brand name for the drug Alprazolam. Although it isn’t sold in the UK and cannot be obtained through an NHS doctor it can be prescribed by a private doctor. According to government sources, they are also available to buy through websites and in social settings. Xanax has proven effective as a mental health medication, which is why it is so readily available in the USA. It works well. One of many studies tested 50 anxious outpatients with 0.25-3 mg per day and found their mental health was significantly improved by it. These patients had Generalized Anxiety Disorder, so you can extrapolate this data and use it across a wide range of anxiety issues with similar effects. It is the efficacy that makes this drug one of the most prescribed drugs for anxiety issues in the states.

What does Xanax Look Like?

Typically, Xanax comes in four different pill forms. One is longer than most pills and will have the whole word “Xanax” written on it. These ones are white. There are other white pills which are small and oval-shaped, with a line down the middle where you can break them in half. There are two more similar pills, one in pink and one in blue. Of these, the whites are 0.25 mg, the pinks are 0.5 mg, and the blues are 1.0 mg

What does Xanax do for you?

When you take Xanax, the drug assumes that you are in a state of high anxiety and tries to bring your body and brain down to a normal level. So, when you take Xanax and you aren’t in a state of anxiety, that downer feeling continues.  Xanax can make you dizzy and lightheaded as it stops you from producing so much of that nasty cortisol. It can make you incredibly sleepy and affect your libido in a negative way. It can induce hallucinations or suicidal thoughts when used in the wrong hands and is therefore considered dangerous Xanax is a Central Nervous System Depressant, which means that it has an impact on your respiratory system. If you have asthma, breathing difficulties, COPD, or any other respiratory illnesses, your doctor probably wouldn’t prescribe it to you in case you are suffocated. If you are buying it on the black market, you don’t know this, and it could kill you. 

Why Teens are Particularly Affected by Xanax Addiction?

Xanax is prevalent among students because it soothes some of the pressures of being in a system of constant assessment. Think back to exam time when you were at college or university and remember how tough that was for you. Students can stave off those pressures by using Xanax to relax. Each time they use it they will need more and more to gain the same effects, which leads to Xanax abuse and eventually addiction.  One report by the American organisation the Pew Trust cites parents and guardians having Xanax in their medicine cabinets. Because it is so often prescribed for anxiety issues and given that an average of 40 million American adults have anxiety problems, it’s easy to see how they get their hands on it.

Where to get Help for a Xanax/Alprazolam Addiction in the UK?

We wouldn’t be much of a rehab selection service if we couldn’t guide you towards getting the correct level of care for a Xanax addiction. You can find more information on our specialised drug addiction page, or you can skip the reading and go straight to calling us. To claim your free consultation on Xanax addiction simply use the button at the top of the page or call us, on 0203 955 7700

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