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Alcohol and drug addiction are at epidemic proportions throughout England and Wales. Although a well-off area, the Northamptonshire region hasn’t managed to escape unscathed from the violent cycle of drug gangs, crime, and substance abuse. Addicts are all around us as a result. If you are suffering from an addiction then first of all, it is important that you know you are not alone. Second of all, you should be aware that help for addiction is here.

If you are suffering from addiction and you need help, contact us right now. We put addicts in touch with the services they need to recover and bounce back stronger than ever before. All you need to do is reach out via our online consultation service, or call us, on 0203 955 7700, today.

Drug and Alcohol Use in Your Area

Northamptonshire shows classic symptoms of drug and alcohol abuse. Although a pleasant place to live, this county has a hidden underworld you probably don’t know anything about. However, it is this criminal section of society that provides illegal drugs and brings death and despair to so many.

The County of Northampton has more than 723,000 people living in it. Known as ‘the rose of the Shires’ it is a centrally located county that has been settled since the first century. Most of the settlements in this county pre-date history… and since they have existed, there have been those who seek to corrupt them for their own gain.

If you don’t believe that Northamptonshire has a drug problem then check out the statements released by Northants Police Department in December of last year. In one single raid, they caught an entire drug gang, arresting 105 individuals at the same time, in relation to the trafficking and supply of Class A drugs. Class A drugs are the worst kind of narcotics. They are rated A because they are some of the most dangerous, and fatal.

Despite getting such large numbers off the streets there are still drug gangs to be found. Compared to other police forces, however, the department in charge of Northamptonshire seems to do an exceptionally good job.

As for alcohol, abuse of this substance in the Northamptonshire area has become so prevalent that the local county council have put together online guidance on the subject for young people. There is also mention here of so-called ‘legal highs. Just because something is legal does not mean it isn’t bad for you. Tobacco and caffeine are good examples of this.

With all the readily available alcohol and drugs in Northamptonshire, it is no surprise that some people are suffering from addiction. If you have fallen into the cycle then get help to recover, now. You can contact us on 0203 955 7700 or visit our online consultation page, today.

Personalised Support For Your Recovery

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The symptoms of Alcohol Abuse

There are several ways to tell whether you have an addiction or not. Similarly, if you are worried about a loved one then you should look out for these symptoms. Ascertaining that you have a problem with substance abuse is the first step to getting better and getting your old life back. Who knows? Once you recover, you may even have a better life than the one you had before.

Some of the most noticeable symptoms of alcohol misuse are:

If you recognise any of these signs, either in yourself or in others, could symbolise the start of alcoholism. If this seems like something you should be worried about – don’t panic. These symptoms are very similar to that of a drug addict, too. It is possible to be addicted to more than one thing at once.

For more on alcohol addiction and the symptoms it has, see our article on alcoholism.

The Symptoms of Drug Use in Northamptonshire

Drug use is a symptom of underlying issues and should never be ignored. If you suspect you may be suffering from a drug addiction, read this page and see how your symptoms compare.

Do You Need Rehab for Alcohol or Drug Addictions?

Although rehab centres often offer both drug and alcohol rehab from the same building, the types of therapies and services offered will sometimes differ. Make sure that you enlist yourself for the right help!

What Happens During Alcohol Rehab?

There are several stages of alcohol rehab in Northamptonshire, each of which has its own set of symptoms. First of all, you will need to detoxify yourself by going through a strict process of abstinence. During this detox period, the alcohol completely leaves your body. This stage has physical symptoms that include an upset stomach, migraines, cold sweats, restlessness… and in the worst case: seizures.

Once you are through the first 72 hours and your body has processed the shock, you will start to go through a series of changes. This is because the addiction to alcohol has caused mutations as your body accommodates it over time. Without the alcohol, your body will revert back to its natural state. It is best to do this in a rehab clinic or a specialist facility.

When you arrive at your alcohol rehab centre in Northamptonshire, you will be checked in, shown to your room if the facility is residential, or taken directly to your doctor in the case of an outpatient rehab clinic. You and the doctor will devise a treatment plan that will include a range of therapies, medications, information, and support, all geared towards maximising your chances to get off drink for good.

Alcohol rehab typically lasts around 28 days. After this period you may receive further help as an outpatient whenever you need to revisit your therapies. To arm yourself with all the information possible before you check in to a rehab clinic, visit our page on alcohol rehab and consider our online consultation service.

What Happens During Drug Rehab in Northamptonshire?

Drug rehab is a similar process in many ways. It will start with a visit with a doctor to make sure the treatment plan includes detox this time. Depending on what type of drug you are addicted to, the doctor will adapt a detox method that works for you. There are some drugs that make the ‘cold turkey’ approach dangerous to your nervous system. To this end, the doctor will want to consult with you before the detoxification process begins.

Once you have decided on the best plan to get you off of drugs for good, your recovery can begin. You will need to either attend a hospital or a rehab clinic in order to be closely monitored while you detox from the drugs. Some people choose to remain in a full time, residential rehab centre for the whole 28 days, until they have kicked the habit for good. This method separates you from the triggers of your everyday life, simultaneously putting some distance between you and your supplier.

Some people choose to seek help for addiction in Northamptonshire as an outpatient. There are many rehab clinics in the region that will help facilitate this. Recovery is possible, no matter which style of rehab suits you best. Nowadays, you can seek treatment through the day, go to work, come home, and have an online therapy session at night. Other rehab options include full telephone support, various types of talking therapy, and group work.

If you live in the Northamptonshire area and you think you might need help with drug addiction, reach out now. You can read a little more on the specifics of suffering from drug addiction (and finding the help you need) here.

Help for Addiction is Available in All Areas of Northamptonshire!

We here at Help 4 Addiction can put you in touch with the team you need to aid in your recovery. We want to give each of our service users the most varied array of tools to succeed – and that extends to all areas of Northamptonshire. No matter where you stay in the region, help is not only available, but it makes recovery fully possible, too!

Some of the most common Northamptonshire areas we hear from are:

  • Brackley
  • Burton Latimer
  • Corby
  • Daventry
  • Desborough
  • Earls Barton
  • Higham Ferrers
  • Irthlingborough
  • Kettering
  • Northampton
  • Raunds
  • Rothwell
  • Towcester
  • Wellingborough

Better yet – if your area isn’t listed but you do live in Northamptonshire, then it will be covered by the talents of Help 4 Addiction, too. Addiction is difficult to overcome but it isn’t impossible… especially not when you have the right team on your side.

Call us today, on 0203 955 7700 to start your journey towards recovery. A better life is possible, regardless of where in England you are based.

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