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If you have found this page, you are likely ripe to make the necessary changes for the better in your life. Or you could be searching for help for a friend or loved one. Either way, you’re in the correct place to effect positive change for the better.

Upon calling the Help4Addiction rehab team, we shall run you through a questionnaire and one of our experienced staff shall mold your unique situation around an actionable rehab plan.

We shall take you through funding options and discover the appropriate centre that can best cater for your unique challenge.

An initial assessment will be followed by an action plan that meets the needs of your particular problem.

Individual needs will be of paramount importance during the assessment process and once your needs are successfully identified, reasonable adjustments will be made and implemented in your action plan. The plan shall fully reflect your needs and wants so that a course of action can be implemented that is most likely to result in success.

You will then be referred to an appropriate rehab centre that can best tackle your individual case.

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