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At Help4Addiction, you get a comprehensive support team at the end of the telephone. Our helpful professionals work hard to place you in the right rehabilitation centre, whether this is in the UK or abroad in other international locations.

We don’t take alcohol or drug addiction lightly, and it’s because of our expertise you can guarantee that you will be well looked after. Having an initial phone call to discuss your treatment needs is vital to your future recovery, and we can discuss options for the following:

Whether you are seeking treatment in the UK or abroad, we can help you to get onto the road to recovery. We want to understand and get to know you and what you need to reach the stage of gentle support in your new life. Sometimes, moving forward means moving away from outpatient support and therapies and possibly abroad – away from triggering people and places.

Rehab Abroad

There are a lot of considerations when it comes to choosing your rehabilitation facility. It’s never easy to choose treatment centres for you or for a loved one that is suffering through the pain of addiction. The very best thing that you could do for yourself is to look at your treatment centre options as an inpatient. Here are some of the things that you should be considering:

Staff and qualifications: You need the best people working alongside you to ensure that you have the support that will help you.

Accreditations: Whether you are going abroad or staying in the UK, you should choose the clinic that has been inspected and is of the highest quality.

Staff Ratios: Always check the ratio of staff to patients. You want to ensure that your support system will be consistent and available as you need.

Aftercare: Treatment isn’t just during the programme you start in an inpatient facility; it’s afterwards as well. You need to know that you aren’t going to be left to manage alone.

At Help4Addiction, we can ensure that you are placed in the clinic that is best for your needs. One such clinic is located internationally in Thailand, and it’s something that you should seriously consider to get well again.

Personalised Support For Your Recovery

We provide personalised support and resources for addiction recovery. Take the first step towards a brighter future today.

Treatment In Thailand

When you first contact our professional team at Help4Addiction, you may be nervous and overwhelmed about the journey you’re about to go on. No matter how contacting us makes you feel, it’s important to know that your feelings are natural and valid, and you should be ready to admit to your addiction. Beginning your treatment in Thailand is a big step, and with our help, you can take that step.

We have access to a facility that opened in 2016 and fast became one of the leading treatment providers in Thailand. The reputation that it has for quality care and efficient and effective treatment is renowned.

You would be based in Northern Thailand, among serene surroundings and staying somewhere luxurious. The programmes on offer are abstinence-based, and there is a strong reliance on Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and the solid 12-step programme principles. All of this works with treatment that is tailored to you.

The programmes vary from 4 to 24 weeks, and it includes access to complementary therapies, gym and swimming pool use and physical exercise programmes that will allow you to explore a part of the world that you would otherwise have never had a chance to explore.

If you are considering Thailand as an option for you, we can offer you wraparound services that will work alongside those on offer in Thailand. Detoxification can be provided before you fly out to Thailand, and we can help you with your travel arrangements as well as provide an escort to support you on the journey there.

Why Pick International Residential Treatment In Thailand?

Residential treatment is often preferred over outpatient treatment because it removes you from the place where your habit began and the surroundings that encouraged your behaviours. Going abroad over the UK is a no-brainer for some, and the reasons for going abroad are many. Here are some of the best reasons you should aim to head overseas to Thailand for your drug rehab experience.

Luxury Surroundings

Thailand is nothing short of a luxury destination, and rehab clinics that are based here are usually relaxing and luxurious. Imagine being on the road to recovery in an all-inclusive resort-style clinic, but with therapy sessions and no distractions from yourself.

The Chance of Anonymity

Going to a local treatment centre still leaves you open to discovery. Going abroad takes you from the places you are familiar with, the situations your addiction is triggered. You get to remain anonymous and necessarily be the person you want to be – because no one knows any different. It’s a good place to reinvent yourself without judgment or fear of others disbelieving your efforts.

Change of Scenery

To recharge your batteries when you’re stressed, you go abroad on holiday. When you need help with addiction, going abroad for rehab can make a huge difference. You can focus your mind on finally getting better while being away from temptations. You develop a stronger sense of self, which allows you to overcome alcohol addiction and remove yourself from withdrawal without much effort – meaning that you are far more likely to succeed.

You’re Sold – Now What?

Aftercare is vital, which is why at Help4Addiction, we offer wrap around care that will make sense for you. Support is crucial after your treatment in Thailand is over. Making sure that you stick to the plan is vital, and you need our support to do that.

Give Help4Addiction a call today on 0203 955 7700 for an in-depth chat about your future. We can walk you through your next steps and make recovery as achievable as possible for you.

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