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Some people who are looking to detox from alcohol might not always find that residential rehab is right for them. Sometimes a home detox programme could be more beneficial. Help4Addiction can help you with home detox services in London, allowing you to withdraw from alcohol safely.

Help4Addiction provide home detox treatment across the UK. We’re here to help you get your life back and to help you break free from alcohol addiction. We are experienced in addiction treatment and want to support you on this journey.

What Is An Alcohol Detox?

If you’ve got an alcohol dependence, and have been drinking for a long time then the first stage of recovery is to complete alcohol detox. That’s where you completely withdraw from drinking. It’s the first stage of any alcohol
addiction treatment plan.

The detox process is highly important, because you’re allowing the influence of alcohol, and all of its negative toxins to leave your body, which will allow you to focus more on the recovery process.

Alcohol detox can be a dangerous process if you don’t do it properly. A safe home alcohol detox is done using a home detox kit and with the support of professionals, instead of trying to go it alone.

Alcohol withdrawal symptoms can be severe because your body has gotten used to the build-up of alcohol in your body.

The best way to do a home alcohol detox is through the support of a service like Help4Addiction. We’ll provide you with all the tools you need to stop drinking. It also decreases the chance of health problems occurring because you’ve quit drinking alcohol.

Personalised Support For Your Recovery

We provide personalised support and resources for addiction recovery. Take the first step towards a brighter future today.

Is It Better To Do A Home Alcohol Detox?

Home detox is one of many treatment options when you decide to stop your alcohol use. The benefit to detoxing from alcohol at home is that you’re surrounded by your home comforts, and you can do it in your own time.

There’s less pressure than if you’re at an alcohol rehab centre. Also, nobody comes to your home, so you don’t have to feel uncomfortable around lots of strangers.

Our detox programmes are a safe and efficient way to get free from alcohol addiction. We have a wealth of experience with drug and alcohol addictions, that has gone into creating this detox plan. We can help you get your life back.

Private Or NHS For Home Detox UK?

The NHS doesn’t offer home detox as part of their drugs and alcohol treatment options, so if you want to complete a home alcohol detox you’ll have to go private and pay for it yourself.

Coping With Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms

Alcohol withdrawal symptoms are no joke. When you have a high alcohol consumption, your body builds up a tolerance to it, which means you need to drink more to feel the positive effects of alcohol. That also means when you stop drinking, your body has to adjust too.

Physical withdrawal symptoms include sweating, fever, chills, and headaches, all the way to a full cardiac arrest. Whereas, psychological symptoms include depression, fatigue, low mood, anxiety, and lack of focus.

Suffering from alcohol withdrawal symptoms makes recovery and detox difficult, but it’s worth it if you push through. Make sure you have plenty of support, from a loved one, and medical professionals too. That way you’ll ensure your recovery is more long-term and has a higher success rate.

The withdrawal symptoms are another reason that choosing an alcohol home detox treatment is better than trying to quit cold turkey. That way you have the support there if you need it.

Alcohol Detox At Home In London

When you decide to commit to an alcohol home detox, you’re making the first step in your recovery. Once you call Help4Addiction, you’ll undergo a professional medical assessment to check your eligibility for our home detox services.

If successful, you’ll receive a home detox kit through the post to your home address which will have the necessary medication, and all the equipment you need to help get you free of alcohol.

The first part of signing up for our home detox is to contact us. You can do this by filling in our alcohol home detox questionnaire which allows us to assess your eligibility and understand your medical background.

Once you’ve contacted us, we’ll make sure you give full consent before starting the detox, which includes getting an electronic signature from you on a contract.

This is to ensure you understand the full scope of the detox process before you can access our private home detox programme.

You don’t need to come and see us. We’ll conduct your medical appointments via Skype or Facetime so you don’t have to leave the comfort of your own home. You’ll get a home alcohol detox kit delivered to your house, and we’ll send the prescriptions to a pharmacy that will also deliver them.

From there, you can decide when to start. Home detox can take from 3 to 10 days. Before starting, sit down and create a detox plan, and see if you can get support from your family and friends.

Cost Of Home Detox Treatment In London

Our home detox programme is more cost-effective than going to a private residential rehab. If you’re looking to complete a home detox from alcohol in London with Help4Addiction, the kit will cost £1,850.

It’s important to ensure you’re eligible for a home detox before you purchase the package because it might be more suitable for you to go to an alcohol rehab centre depending on how severe your alcohol addiction is.

Eligibility To A Home Detox In London

There are various eligibility criteria for a home detox treatment in London. For some people, a home-based alcohol treatment option isn’t suitable. Several factors can affect it, including your medical history, the severity of your alcohol consumption, and more.

In general, people would not be eligible for a home detox programme if they:

  • Regularly abuse over 30 units of alcohol per day
  • Have a heart condition
  • Suffer from significant mental health conditions
  • Have a history of epilepsy, fits, or seizures
  • Take medication that cannot be combined with anti-addiction medications
  • Have a dual diagnosis of alcohol and drug addiction

To discover if you’re eligible for the Help4Addiction home detox treatment, you can complete this short questionnaire with some personal details and more information about your alcohol use.

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