Medication or Meditation?

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Medication or Meditation?
In recovery, we use meditation- it is commonly used in  rehab  centres as it helps individuals to learn how to relax and how to get focused - it benefits in such a subtle way that often a person won’t realise the benefits until faced with a situation when they have to quieten the mind- rehabs will train you how to do this - and it is part of the 12 steps of recovery and a very important tool on your journey.
Meditation can be done anywhere - people think that when you meditate you need to be sitting still in one place with your mind completely empty -however - meditation can be done when you are walking and you are observing -that is a mindful meditation - by just looking at the trees, listening to birds sing, counting your footsteps or your breath. These are all ways in which to calm the mind. Meditation can be done when you are sitting in your car in a traffic jam - just observe the people around you - calm yourself you will find that the traffic jam goes much quicker. Meditation is all about quieting the mind – in whichever way you find easiest. Some people use a mantra when meditating – repeating the same thing over and over again focuses the mind and allows you to become aware of the vibration of the words you are saying. If you want to learn to meditate, the easiest way to begin is by doing a guided meditation. You will find loads on Youtube. They cover all issues from physical pain to mental pain, meditation will help to banish both of these. You can meditate from as little as one minute or for many hours.  I would suggest starting with a minute of just sitting quietly and comfortably, and just see how it goes.  There are no rules to meditation, it is an important asset that you can use throughout your life. Sit quietly or lay down, close your eyes and become aware of your breathing as you take a breath in- feel your diaphragm expanding and as you exhale feel it deflate. Breathing in positive energy breathing out the negative - do this until you feel yourself becoming calm - now become aware of your feet - each toe - the souls of your feet - your heels - our feet that carry us all day thank them - become aware of your ankles, your calf’s, your knees and your thighs - with each breath focus your breath to your legs. After a few moment become aware of your hips, your genital area, your bottom, your stomach - direct your breathing to this area feeling it, letting go and relaxing - now become aware of your chest  raising and falling - be aware of your arms or your fingers, breath into this area - lastly become aware of your neck - your face, your jaw - let your jaw drop - feel your face relaxing- feel your whole body letting go - spend as much time as you can breathing and relaxing and then when you are ready to open your eyes stretch and take a moment to become aware of your surroundings and back in the room - drink some water and continue with your day - feeling better then you did just moments before. Karan Curtis


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