The Common Misconceptions About Rehab

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The Common Misconceptions About Rehab
Dispelling common rehab myths from around the UK. Despite mounting scientific evidence that rehab facilities in the UK present an excellent treatment for multiple conditions, there are still misconceptions about rehab all over the internet. We thought it was about time we re-addressed this age-old issue of rehab myths and legends. Let’s put these misconceptions about alcohol rehab and drug rehab behind us, once and for all.

Recurrent Rehab Misconceptions

Those willing to work on themselves through rehab should congratulate themselves. It’s a long road to recovery, but it is always the right road to take. Reading through and dismissing these common rehab misconceptions should help to put your mind at ease.

Rehab Misconception #1 – Only Rich People Go To Rehab Clinics

As British people, rehab was introduced to us as an Americanised concept. As a result, we have this preconceived idea that only the glamorous, famous, rich, or those from Hollywood, to go to rehab for your drug addiction. Articles like this piece from Vice show us the high end, top class rehab clinics. We don’t always see beyond that. There are dozens of different types and kinds and levels of rehab in the UK. You can opt for an NHS based budget rehab clinic where you share a room. You can choose a dayhab centre near you, where you attend group therapy, have one on one sessions with a counsellor, or attend holistic therapy sessions. You can live full time in the rehab facility or attend part time. You can even attend a rehab clinic through the day and share accommodation nearby with your peers at night. Although not always cheap, rehab is affordable to everyone who needs treatment.

Rehab Misconception #2 – Rehab is the Last Resort

This rehab misconception suggests that rehab is only for those who have tried everything else to quit drugs or alcohol. While many people do use it as a last resort treatment, other users check into rehab because they need a break, extra therapy help, or they want to prevent themselves developing an addiction they feel they might succumb to. You don’t have to be a lifelong heavy drinker or in the advanced stages of a drug dependency to feel like rehab might be a good idea for you.

Who are Help4Addiction?

Help4Addiction are a team of specialist rehab selection and addiction cessation advisors. Calling our team of skilled, soothing, and helpful advisors can help those suffering from addiction problems to get the support they need to quit. We have years of experience in helping people into heroin rehab, find support through alcohol addiction, and learn about addictions and the drug & alcohol recovery process. 

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Rehab Misconception #3 – The Doctors Must Sign You Out

This rehab misconception likely dates back to the not-so-long-ago asylums and mental hospitals. These buildings were made to store the mentally ill, those who were different from others, and women who cried too much. The first closure of UK asylums wasn’t until 1986, so the legend of being held against your will persists.  In both an insane asylum and in the case of a doctor sectioning a patient into hospitalisation and psychiatric care in the modern health care system, you may be prevented from leaving for the sake of your health. In the case of a rehab clinic, you stay there by choice. If you want to skip out on a day and go see your family, that’s fine. If you decide not to continue or to take a break, nobody will chase you down the street. It is issues like this that make rehab selection an important part of your recovery from addiction. The right rehab clinic fits around what you need from it. If you think you will become claustrophobic, choose a rehab with outdoor space and activities. If you anticipate you will need to see your kids or your parents, choose a rehab clinic with family visits or family therapy sessions. If you can’t take time off work, go to sessions that fit around your shifts. 

Rehab Misconception #4 – They Leave you Locked in a Dark Room During Detox

This one is 100% rubbish. You may choose to stay in a dark room while the worst of the withdrawal symptoms pass on by, but you certainly won’t be forced into one. Many rehab clinics offer a detox facility onsite. This means they can offer medical assistance to make that process go smoother. There’s no disguising the fact that detox is an unpleasant experience. The rehab centre will aim to make it as painless as possible for you. 

Don’t Believe the Rehab Myths

This is nowhere near a complete list of the stigmas that still surround admitting that you have an addiction problem. Whether you check yourself into a cocaine rehab or a cannabis rehab programme, rehab is your safe space to seek treatment in a calming, nurturing environment. Don’t let nasty rumours prevent you from seeking out help from the people best qualified to give you it. You will receive a good meal plan, an exercise routine, and have choices in daytime activities that will keep your mind off your addiction while helping you develop healthy coping tactics. Don’t believe the myths. They are designed to keep you right where your dealer wants you.

Finding a Rehab Clinic That’s Right For You

If you live in England or Wales, Help4Addiction Rehab is an important step for all those who want to learn how to stop drinking alcohol, either for good or just to curb your habit. You should consider rehab before dismissing it outright. If you can see past the stigma and treat a rehab clinic like any other medical facility, it could be the best thing you ever do in your life. Get help for addiction through our website, right now, or call us on 01203 955 7700 to speak to our helpful and friendly rehab selection team.

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The Cost Of Rehab

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