The Dangers of Cocaine Misuse

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The Dangers of Cocaine Misuse
If you or a loved one is suffering from a cocaine addiction, you ought to know the dangers. Help4Addiction can guide you through your options for seeking treatment or finding help. 
If you start using cocaine in social situations, you are playing with a dangerous substance. If you persist in using it, whether it be only at weekends of every night, you will develop a dependence on the drug. Dependence and addiction to cocaine is a pricey addiction that will ruin your working life, your mental and physical health, and your home life. Seek help for your addiction or reach out to Help4Addiction to discuss how to help your loved one.  Here is all you need to know about the dangers of cocaine misuse.

Cocaine Statistics in the UK

Around 22,000 people in the UK each year seek help for cocaine or opiate abuse. As we know, only a handful of people will seek out that support, the rest go on with their addiction until it kills them. According to Drug Wise, the UK watchdog on addition and alcoholism, suggest that only 1 in 5 people seek help for their addiction. The actual size of cocaine use in the UK could be closer to 120,0000 people per year.  The Office of National Statistics report that 7.4% of all UK adults will try a Class A drug over the course of a single year. Although they found that cannabis remains the favourite drug among UK users, cocaine use has neither grown nor slumped. The number of frequent users of cocaine has fallen. This may be due to supply issues during coronavirus, or even due to the lack of party situations during the pandemic lockdowns. 

Know the Dangers of Cocaine

What is it that makes cocaine use so dangerous? The primary danger is the risk of drug addiction. Developing an addiction to cocaine will soon leave you penniless. You will develop health problems and risk losing everything in your life that is important to you. Cocaine and/or crack addiction can ruin your career, when you fail to turn up for work or continually ask for advances on your wages. 

The dangers of ongoing cocaine use include:

  • Drug addiction
  • Heart attacks or strokes, particularly in patients with heart problems
  • Overdose
  • Damage to/erosion of the nostrils and nose cartilage
  • Damage to unborn children
  • Breathing problems if smoked
  • Vein collapse if injecting
  • Danger from dirty needles, such as HIV
  • Ulcers
  • Lesions
  • Depression and anxiety
  • Paranoia
  • Flu-like symptoms
  • Mental illness
If you mix cocaine with another substance, like alcohol, the risks increase exponentially.

Signs of Cocaine Addiction

The dangers of cocaine misuse are avoidable if you do not use cocaine again. There is no medical use for this substance, so using it is only ever recreational. This makes it misuse no matter how many times you use it. Cocaine is a party drug. If you keep using it, you will form an addiction. Signs you have a cocaine addiction include:
  • If you cannot go without cocaine, you have an addiction
  • If you spend money you ought to spend on things like rent on cocaine, then you have a problem
  • Someone with a cocaine addiction is either snorting, injecting, or smoking it. Have a look for paraphernalia if you suspect a loved one has an addiction
  • Unexplained personality changes can be caused by drug addiction
  • Mood swings can be a sign
  • A lack of money is another sign, cocaine is an expensive drug
  • Paranoia, sudden anxiety, and other abrupt lifestyle changes, can all indicate addiction
Look out for these signs in the people you love if you fear they have an addiction

What to do if you have an addiction?

If you have an addiction, you should seek help. It is vital that you get off cocaine before it starts to negatively impact your heart. You can call our rehab selection service to get you started. You can seek online therapy and detox at home, but if you have a severe cocaine addiction, you ought to go into a residential rehab clinic to recover. During rehab, you will have a chance to detox. Detox starts a few hours after your last use of cocaine. If you want to avoid the dangers of cocaine, rehab is the best chance you have at successfully quitting it. Rehab clinics can give you medically assisted detox which will make the process easier. They can also then offer your further treatments such as therapy, classes, workshops, and holistic treatments, to help you on the path to a full recovery. It can also help you to be surrounded by your peers when you do this. This reduces the loneliness and isolation associated with addiction recovery. 

How to help a loved one addicted to cocaine?

If you suspect your loved one has an issue with cocaine use, you should talk to them to warn them about the dangers of cocaine addiction. If talking to them does not help, you should consider staging an intervention. In the meantime, try not to enable them to use drugs. This means not giving them money and not falling for tricks to get money from you.  If your loved one has a cocaine addiction, contact our rehab selection service so we can give you literature that you can pass on to them. The last chance should be staging the intervention, where you bring all of their loved ones and colleagues together into one place, to let them know what their addiction is doing to you. Our advisors can talk to you about the most effective way to stage an intervention, too.

What to do next?

If you think you or a loved one are suffering from a cocaine addiction, decide how you wish to proceed. If you choose to go to rehab, call our helpline on 0203 955 7700. Help4Addiction are rehab selection specialists. By asking you a series of questions we can determine your needs in rehab services. Next, we will narrow down the list of rehab clinics which match those needs. This allows you to connect to a rehab clinic that is most likely able to help you recover from cocaine addiction, once and for all.  Call today to start your recovery journey. We are happy to advise you of your options.

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