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Knowing about drug and alcohol addiction is the first step toward getting help. Help4Addiction can ensure you receive the right drug and alcohol addiction treatment in Middlesex.

You are not alone with your addiction – not only are we here to help but there are around 35 million people in the world that have drug use disorders (for example, drug addiction or substance abuse issues). There are over 600,000 people in the UK alone who are dependent drinkers.

There are many rehab centres for drug and alcohol located in and around the Middlesex area – and at Help4Addiction, we can connect you with the best rehab centre for you and your requirements.

If you think that you or a loved one may be addicted to alcohol or drugs, contact us today so we can find the best Middlesex addiction treatment and rehab clinic for you.

Signs You Need Drug Addiction Treatment in Middlesex

Drug addiction can affect all areas of your life, whether it be your relationships, your career, your finances, and of course, your mental health and your physical health.

Drug addiction is defined as the continuous use of drugs despite the negative effects that occur because of drug abuse and drug use.

It is a chronic and relapsing brain disorder – it can affect the circuits in your brain that impact stress, reward, and self-control. However, these changes can be reversible with the right treatment. Not receiving help for your drug addiction can cause the effects to last, and can even be fatal.

Recognising the signs of drug addiction is key. Some signs may include:

  • Lack of control over taking drugs
  • Increased tolerance
  • Trying to quit but failing to do so
  • Lying about drug use

If you want to stop taking drugs, contact us for immediate confidential help – we can get you in touch with a quality Middlesex rehab admissions team, whether you’re looking for a private clinic or other services.

Personalised Support For Your Recovery

We provide personalised support and resources for addiction recovery. Take the first step towards a brighter future today.

Prescription Drug Addiction in Middlesex

Prescription drugs can be as addictive as illicit drugs – even when taken as prescribed. However, the chances of developing a prescription drug addiction are greatly increased if you abuse prescription drugs.

Prescription drug abuse classes as taking drugs in any way other than prescribed by the doctor or medical professional. Certain prescription medications may be more addictive than others, such as sedatives, stimulants, and opiates.

At Help4Addiction, we can get you a place in a quality Middlesex prescription drug rehab to help you gain control of your prescription drug use and treat your addiction.

Signs You Need Alcohol Addiction Treatment in Middlesex

Alcohol abuse and alcohol addiction are both forms of an alcohol use disorder, which can have many negative consequences.

It can affect all areas of your life, just like drug addiction. Known informally as alcoholism, alcohol addiction is characterised by the lack of control over drinking alcohol, despite the negative effects it can have on your physical health, mental health, and relationships.

Some signs that you should consider alcohol rehab in Middlesex include:

  • Cravings – constantly thinking about drinking
  • Tolerance – needing more alcohol to feel the same effect
  • Withdrawal – experiencing discomfort when not drinking
  • Neglecting Responsibilities – prioritising drinking over work, family, or friends
  • Failed Attempts to Quit – struggling to cut down or quit
  • Health Issues – alcohol-related health problems
  • Loss of Control – drinking more than intended
  • Isolation – pulling away from loved ones


If you are struggling to control your alcohol consumption, whether it be the frequency, the amount, or the times that you drink, we can help. Call us today to discuss your treatment options and to find the right alcohol rehabilitation centre for your situation.

What To Expect from Middlesex Drug and Alcohol Rehab

The two main forms of rehab treatment are inpatient treatment (residential rehab) and outpatient rehab.

Residential rehab is where you live in a residential clinic for a set amount of time, and receive treatment in the same place. Outpatient rehab is when you attend sessions but travel back home afterwards.

A comprehensive treatment programme in Middlesex will address the physical and psychological aspects of addiction.

Both need to be considered in order for you to make a successful recovery. Explore private clinics and more affordable treatment options with Help4Addiction today.

Middlesex Detox

Detoxing from drugs and alcohol is a crucial step in drug and alcohol rehab. You need to complete this stage before proceeding to further treatment.

The aim of detoxification in alcohol and drug rehab is to deal with the physical aspect of addiction, minimising the physical damage that addiction can cause.

During the detoxification stage, you may experience uncomfortable drug and alcohol withdrawal symptoms as your body detoxes from drugs or alcohol.

The severity of the withdrawal symptoms can depend on several factors such as your addiction history of drug abuse/ substance abuse history.

You may benefit more from a medically assisted detox/ medically supervised detox at a residential facility, or you may be able to detox from the comfort of your own home. Our experts can determine the best way forward for you.

Middlesex Drug and Alcohol Therapy

Upon completing a drug detox or alcohol detox, you can begin a course of drug and alcohol therapy.

There is a common misconception that therapy is only for those who have existing mental health issues such as anxiety or depression. However, this is untrue – anybody who wants to improve themselves can benefit from therapy.

The aim of therapy is to deal with the psychological aspects of addiction – to improve your confidence and mental health in general and to teach you coping methods.

Therapy can also help you to understand the root causes of your addiction, as well as your addiction triggers.

Different treatment centres may offer different therapies – depending on the treatment centre you attend as well as your personal circumstances, you may be offered:

  • CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy)
  • DBT (dialectical behavioural therapy)
  • Interpersonal therapy
  • Counselling with addiction counsellors or mental health professionals
  • Holistic therapies such as art therapy
  • Group therapy


Middlesex Secondary Treatment

Secondary treatment, also known as aftercare, may include group therapy, counselling, online support and telephone support. Many people find local support groups such as Narcotics Anonymous or Alcoholics Anonymous helpful after leaving rehab.

Recovery can be a long process, and long-term recovery can require extra help. The aim of secondary treatment is relapse prevention and helping you remain sober.

This is achieved by providing you with extra support once you have finished the main course of addiction treatment, easing the transition from rehab to your normal life.

Find The Right Middlesex Rehab With Help4Addiction

At Help4Addiction, we understand that it can be difficult to take the first step into treatment. If you’re worried about finding the right treatment plan and rehab treatment for you, we can help.

We have connections with both private drug and alcohol rehab centres and NHS-operated rehab facilities located around the Middlesex area. Trust us to find the right rehab plan for you in the South East of England.

We will listen to your story and take your requirements and preferences into consideration to find the best addiction treatment organisations for you in the historic county of Middlesex. Call us today to get the ball rolling and take steps towards a brighter future.

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