Not sure whether you are addicted to drugs or alcohol or not? Don’t maintain the false belief that you’re alone in your suffering. Each day Help4Addiction receives hundreds of calls from people all over the United Kingdom and the World with this exact predicament.

And getting you on the road to recovery is what we do best.

Admitting that you do indeed have a problem often begins with a phone call. That’s the experience of nearly all our rehab alumni who have passed through our gates and onto a brighter drug and alcohol-free future. We refer to this as the ‘golden phone call’. This could be the most important call you make during your adult lifetime. This call could be lifesaving and save your relationship with your loved one, your job or even your life.

That’s why here at Help4Addiction we provide a free and confidential helpline staffed with expert rehab professionals, some of whom have been in your situation themselves, overcoming their problem and ultimately turning their lives around.

You can get the ball rolling by calling us on 02039557700.

You are not alone and this call will be the first page of a fresh and healthier chapter in your life.

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